Global Warming Research Paper


One of the most important environmental problems of our century is global warming. Although we may not feel the awful results it will bring, but what about next generations? It is a wide known fact that the main reason for a global warming is a big concentration of greenhouse gases which come from human activity. A lot of ideas were introduced and many programs were launched but the problem still exists.

If you need to complete a global warming research paper, you may have the next worries:

-  The issue is already fully disclosed.

-  As soon as I start completing my research paper, I’ll get lost in the enormous amount of information on the topic.

-  I will spend hours on choosing the topic for my paper.

The Sides of a Problem

Don’t worry! We decided to prepare the list of different aspects to be described in your global warming research paper. Just read and pick the one you like the most!

1) Roots:

-  a natural process;

-  human activity.

2) Causes:

-  power plants;

-  gasoline;

-  agricultural emissions;

-  deforestation;

-  chemical fertilizers.

3) Effects:

-  rising sea levels;

-  severe storms;

-  crop failures;

-  a huge extinction of species.

4) Consequences:

-  environmental;

-  economical;

-  political;

-  social;

-  psychological.

5) Levels of contribution:

-  people;

-  countries.

6) Countries:

-  involved in the process of solving the problem;

-  indifferent to the problem;

-  aware of the harm they produce, but don’t take part in solving the problem.

Global Warming Research Paper Topics

Also you can choose the finished topic from the list below:

1)  How is carbon dioxide connected with the process of global warming?

2)  What are the forecasts for the next years? How will the temperature change in the next 50 years?

3)  Why global warming is considered a harmful process? Provide the pros of a warmer climate.

4)  How do people measure the human contribution to the process of global warming?

5)  The comparison of the natural level of carbon dioxide to the one which comes from manmade production. Do they both influence global warming?

6)  Which countries produce the most of carbon dioxide?

7)  How to make all the countries take part in the program of carbon dioxide reduction?

8)  Is it possible that global warming isn’t caused by human activity? What if it is influenced by the Universe?

9)  If some countries abandon any manufacturing activities they will become poor soon.  How to save the economic stability in the world?

10)  Should humanity return to the Stone Age to stop global warming processes?  

Make Sure that Your Research Paper:

-  Contains facts and figures on global warming. To complete an upscale research paper you should provide a lot of evidence and facts about global warming, such as the level of carbon dioxide produced in the world or experts’ calculations on the possible temperature change in the near future.

-  Includes your own ideas (unless it is a report research paper). Since this problem is still undecided today, each person in the world can make a contribution to its solution. What if you suggest something that will change the world one day? So don’t be afraid to introduce even the bravest of your ideas in your global warming research paper.

-  Has the right structure and proper formatting. In the end when you will be revising your paper make sure it contains introduction, the main part and conclusions. It is also important to allocate the information in your document in a logical sequence. After everything is done and checked provide your research paper with a proper formatting.

Good luck to you in your writing!