Global Warming Essay Writing

Global Warming
Nowadays, every second pupil can answer the question what a global warming is, as this is a hot topic for discussion. Global warming is a step-by-step increase of the average Earth's temperature including both its atmosphere and the oceans. This phenomenon changes the climate of our planet that in its turn leads to lots of negative consequences.

Students are required to write a global warming essay at all courses of study - this increases the level of their awareness of the problem and helps to develop new points of view and new solutions.

There are different topics connected with the global warming such as:

  • The causes of global warming
  • The notion of the global warming and its basic characteristics
  • Negative influence of global warming on animal world
  • Negative consequence of global warming for people
  • How to decrease the level of global warming
  • Change of the ocean temperature and animal extinction

Tips How to Cope With Global Warming Essay

Essay writing process must be distributed into the following phases so that to make your work more organized and accurate:

  • Choose a good topic for writing
  • Collect enough persuasive information
  • Make up an outline of the essay
  • Write a fair copy
  • Check the work for possible mistakes

Your topic must be chosen according to your knowledge. In addition, it must not be too wiped out so that to invoke the interest of the audience. Moreover, take into account the category of the audience and the course of study. After you selected an appropriate topic for writing, come to information gathering. Take information from all the sources available such as books, newspaper and magazine articles, online sources, and academic works. You can also arrange meetings with professionals or attend additional courses so that to collect essential information and to ask questions you can not manage without one’s help. Your outline must be structurally marked. It includes the key sentences, phrases and words that are to be developed in the fair copy.

In your fair copy, you are to extend the previous variant of work to form a full value text. Do not forget to check up your text at the end of work. It is even better to give somebody to read it before passing. Now, we are going to provide you with a good essay sample that will definitely help you understand what it looks like. 


The temperature of Earth keeps on increasing that requires from people new ideas of how to solve, or at least, improve this problem. Before making conclusions, we should realize what are the basic reasons and consequences of the global warming.


Paragraph 1

Deforestation and fossil fuel burning lead to the greenhouse effect, that in its turn results in the global warming. Another reason is an extensive use of chemical fertilizers on the croplands 

Paragraph 2

One of the negative consequences is a dramatic increase in sea levels all over the world due to the glaciers melting in Antarctica and Greenland. This problem can make the nations migrate, for example, the Maldives are looking for a new home.

Paragraph 3

Another problem is connected with hurricanes and cyclones that also are results of the global warming. Hunger is the cruelest prediction and another reason for people to migrate to the milder regions. According to the multiple types of research the temperature increase will lead to the extinction of some animals that will dramatically damage the eco system.


It is important to realize how damaging the global warming can be for our future generation. Now it is predicted that this phenomenon will only complicate our lives while in a few decades the anticipations can be changed for total human extinction

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