Gay Marriage Research Paper


Gay Marriages Today

This topic is probably one of the most controversial ones nowadays. Today some countries legalize gay marriages, while others are strictly against this. Thus USA, Canada, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland and 15 more countries allow gay couples to legitimate their relations; at the same time Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen, Nigeria and 3 more countries provide death penalty for such relationships. But is it humane to prohibit two loving people to get married? Opinions differ, and everyone decides himself whether to support this process or not. 

Define the Type of your Research Paper

If you are to write a gay marriage research paper, first, you have to think what you want it to be. 

If you want to convince others in your point of view, you should complete a persuasive research paper.

If you want to explore in details each side, your choice will be an argumentative research paper.

If you want to collect information on the matter and provide the statistics and findings, you are to write a report research paper.

These are the most applicable types of research paper for gay marriage issue, but it is possible that your professor require any other type of a document. 

Gay Marriage Aspects

Since the topic is bulky, we suggest you to consider the issue in different aspects:


You can explore the issue regarding different countries and their opinions towards gay marriages.


Also different gay couples may be considered: man + man and woman + woman. 


There are supporting, opposing and indifferent people as well as countries concerning this issue. 


You can also discover the religious aspects of legalization of gay marriages.

In your work you can cover all the aspects or choose just one and develop it in details - it’s only up to you. Also you can choose the topic for your gay marriage research paper from the list below.

Gay Marriage Research Paper Topics

Explore the countries where gay marriages are prohibited. Is there any similarities between them?

How can a gay marriage do harm to anyone? Provide the examples if they exist.

Some countries stay indifferent to the issue. Is it bad?

The features of a gay married couple. 

Can a gay couple raise a healthy in all senses child?

The comparison of a gay couple with an ordinary one.

Why people become gays? The psychological background of this situation.

Can being a gay be compared to illness because it is a state different from the normal one?

The effects of the recent gay marriage legalization in USA.

Why are there more gay couples than lesbian ones?

If the legalization of gay marriages increases the amount of adoptions, wouldn’t it benefit the whole society?

Is the person born being gay or does he becomes one?

The historical examples of gay couples. Were there any gay marriages?

People say: «Marriage is a gift of a God». Thus all of the married gay couples should be atheists. Are they?

Statistics state that usually gays often change their sexual partners. Will the legalization of gay marriages be able to change the situation?

The Effectiveness of a Paper Itself

Whatever topic you choose, it is necessary to complete the whole work correctly. So make sure you have applied the right structure and formatting style to your paper. What is more important is to  provide the full and detailed content of your paper. Make sure that you have disclosed all the points in your gay marriage research paper. You should remember that your creativity and fresh opinions are highly appreciated. So try to do your best to complete an original research paper, which will be interesting for all its readers!