Gay Marriage Essay

Gay Marriage Essay
If you have to write a gay marriage essay, we recommend you to narrow this topic. On the one hand, narrowing the topic makes your essay more unique and attractive for your potential readers. On the other hand, it will be easier for you to concentrate on one point. Before a narrowing the topic, we advise you to look through these four groups of questions: 

1. Answering the Questions Concerned with Gay Marriage Topic 

  1. Can you compare a family life of a homosexual couple and a heterosexual couple? What are the potential problems a and frictions between two people of one sex and two people of opposite sex? A homosexual: to be born or to become? 
  2. Should same sex marriage be legal in all the countries? Should gay couples have a right to adopt a child? Should school teachers discuss the problem of homosexuality with students? 
  3.  Do you remember any literary works (novels, plays, poems, etc.) where one (or more) of the characters is a homosexual? Does this character have a happy love? Does this character have an opportunity to get married with his beloved? Can you make a literary analysis of this book?
  4. Can you tell a real story about the gay couple? (NB! If you know a real story concerned with gay marriage from the experience of your relatives, friends or old acquaintances, don’t forget to change all the names, dates and other important facts for ethical reasons). 
2. Defining an Essay Type You will Write 
Defining an essay type is closely connected with your answers on the previous four groups of questions. If you feel that you can give a detailed answer on one of these group of questions, use it for writing your essay about gay marriage. 
  1. If your choice is the first group of questions, you may write a compare and contrast essay about gay marriage. 
  2. In the case if you are ready to give an answer on the second group of questions, you should write an argumentative essay about gay marriage. 
  3. If you have ever read a book about homosexual couples, you may try to write a literary analysis essay about gay marriage. 
  4. If you know a real story about gay couple, write a narrative essay about gay marriage. 
3. Some Useful Information for Writing Your Gay Marriage Essay 
  1. If you write a compare and contrast essay about gay marriage under the title “A Family Life of a Homosexual Couple to a Family Life of a Heterosexual Couple', say that a couple of two boys may have a problem with doing traditional “womanish' work concerned with housekeeping. 
  2. If you write an argumentative essay about gay marriage under the title “Should Gay Couples Have a Right to Adopt a Child?', you have to explain the both points of view. One of the arguments against giving this right to homosexual couples is that children are in need of both a man’ care and a woman’s care. However, many children have neither father no mother in the children’ homes, so it will be better for them to be adopted by gay couples. Give more convincing arguments to the point of view which is your own. 
  3. If you write a literary analysis essay about gay marriage, try not to retell a plot, but give your own logical assumptions. 
  4. If you write a narrative essay about gay marriage, try to make it amusing. One can’t forbid you to compose your own romantic ending to a real story or add some piquant details to make your story more fascinating.