Funny Topic Ideas for Persuasive Writings

Funny Topic Ideas
Persuasive writings are intended to address the audience and evoke a response that will be beneficial to the writer. While most of such papers use serious and regular topics, sometimes students to differentiate themselves from others by adding relatively funny flavor to their work. 

This way they can double the topic’s message with adding the element of fun. See some great funny topic ideas for persuasive papers in this post. 

List of Topic Ideas for Persuasive Essays 

  1. ‘Midget’ or ‘dwarf’: what is more offensive? 
  2. Stupid blondes: myth or reality? 
  3. Should women stop wearing skinny jeans? 
  4. How the government could make work week shorter. 
  5. Should you blame your horoscope when things go wrong? 
  6. Why shouldn’t I get A’s in high school? 
  7. Stupid teams always have stupid players. 
  8. Should society adopt new metaphor for word ‘sex’? 
  9. Reasons why scientists should stop using their jargon. 
  10. My parents should not use Twitter. 
  11. Why you should eat food that you don’t like. 
  12. You should not be nice all the time. 
  13. How to get an adrenaline rush by watching comedies. 
  14. How do you embarrass a bully? 
  15. Eat more chickens to prevent their rule over the world. 
  16. McDonalds or KFC? 
  17. The most important finger. 
  18. How living with parents can be a nightmare. 
  19. It is wrong to be a vegetarian. 
  20. Fun element in serious college writings.
  21. How to make your decision making process easier. 
  22. Why there are so many dumb people around? 
  23. How to stand out among others. 
  24. Why I like hearing gossip. 
  25. Parents vs children. 
  26. Why government should ban sunglasses. 
  27. You actually can fall out of Segway. 
  28. Why you should live alone. 
  29. TV has to stop broadcasting advertising. 
  30. How to persuade scientists to bring back dinosaurs? 
  31. Children should play more video games. 
  32. How can you be smart by communicating with smart people? 
  33. Dry cookies are the worst. 
  34. Why you should persuade your spouse to work more. 
  35. Being lazy contributes to longer life. 
  36. Reincarnation is a fact. 
  37. Reasons why you should communicate more with your grandparents. 
  38. Man president means fewer wars. 
  39. How can I teach old dog new tricks? 
  40. Why you should buy two tickets to make yourself more comfortable in buses.