Functions of the Doctoral Dissertation Advisor

Doctoral Dissertation

Post describes the main functions of a doctoral dissertation advisor. It is important for students to know about these responsibilities to have better cooperation during dissertation writing process.

Main Functions

  1. He or she has to have a folder where previous works by students are contained. This folder helps to track progress and examine the style of writing. Additionally, doctoral dissertation advisor will be able to identify strengths and weaknesses of students and help them in the future.
  2. Doctoral dissertation advisor should have good professional relationships with students. It is an honor to be a mentor so not communicating with students means lack of professionalism and respect for them.
  3. Constant development of advising skills is a must. The more students a doctoral dissertation advisor works with, the better.
  4. He or she should be able to provide only useful and relevant feedback to the students. The key of being a good advisor is to be positive and have enthusiasm which should be directed at advisees.
  5. Doctoral dissertation advisor should be able to tell his or her limitations and weaknesses. This I extremely important because you they cannot be experts in everything. So dissertations to advice on should be selected based on strengths and weaknesses.
  6. Doctoral dissertation advisor should study the topics of students in order to able to help them efficiently.
  7. He or she should apply strategies that work the most. The ones that caused mistakes should be avoided.
  8. The advisors should be responsible for their advices as success of doctoral students depends on them.
  9. The advisor should encourage their students to communicate with other faculties and departments to get as much opinion as they can.
  10. Make your meetings with advisers as convenient as possible for them. Enough time should be dedicated to each and every student.
  11. It is crucial to get back to students with feedback as soon as possible. Maximum time is 5 business days. Maintaining these time limits will help both sides to stay focused on the work as necessary.
  12. The advisor should be supportive. It is recommended to provide particular examples when giving an advice.
  13. The advisor should encourage students to think outside the box and beyond his or her recommendations.
  14. Doctoral dissertation advisor should always be available. Regardless of the reason for students to communicate, it is important to make sure you provided answer and let them know that you are there for them.
  15. Doctoral dissertation advisor should develop professionalism and ethical approach to writing a dissertation.
  16. He or she should be very specific in giving suggestions and advices. This is done through examples from experience.