Exam Essay Writing Knowledge and Skills

Exam Essay Writing

The following post presents skills and knowledge necessary for writing good college essays. Read below and find out what it takes to be an excellent writer.

 • Do you understand the question? 

Exam essays are intended to challenge your knowledge about the subject in full. Be sure you understand the essence of the area in question and the angle of the topic. Some topics are really tricky because they contain hidden questions. Make sure you know how to connect the topic with the subject and make a good integration. Is there some specific area that you are required to discuss and reveal? If your examiner is convinced by your writing that you have fully understood the assignment, you are already half-way to the best grade. 

 • Do you know the basics? 

 The examiner expects you to conduct your research in a certain way. Approaching a topic should be done with the right angle. Be sure that you have shown this in your essay and clearly identify the methodology of your research. The examiner might even forget about some holes in your paper when the research is pointed in the right direction. 

 • Are you aware of current literature? 

Majority of subject are being studied every day. This means new literature appears constantly. Make sure the literature you use is up-to-date and contains relevant information. Some fundamental knowledge can be taken from older sources but not all. Modern scientists provide a big amount of great literature so look for it during your preparation. You have to show that you can keep up with latest developments.

 • Can you analyze data? 

When a topic contains a controversy, you need to pay more attention to it. You need to be able to analyze the topic and identify the controversy. For example, a topic has been researched by two groups of scientists who get different results? Or perhaps some researchers did not use appropriate methodology and over-interpreted things? • Can you present a clear case? You need to show to your examiner that you can convince your reader in your point of view and present undeniable evidence. Do you possess and use rhetorical skills required? Do you make your paper exciting for the readers?

 • Can you synthesize complexity? 

There will be many issues in exam essay that need to be combined in order to make a good comparison of points of views and a good conclusion. Keep that in mind writing your exam essay. Different points of view the subject can be a challenge but when you put your mind into it, you will definitely succeed.