Evaluation Essay Outline

Evaluation Essay Outline

The following structure of evaluation essay is considered to be the most common. It contains the most important elements and covers all bases of writing such work. There might be some variations, so please refer to your professor and see if he or she requires some other sections. 


  • Describe the subject. The writer should make an introductory paragraph which provides background information on the subject. Things to include here: impact on people and reasons why the subject should be evaluated. Also introduction must contain the criteria which you, the writer will use as a base for evaluation and delivering your main idea to the readers. 
  • Main thesis. The second part includes description of the main idea. The writer should provide the reasons why he or she supports such view on the subject along with own judgment. It is recommended to use the word “because' in order to consolidate reasons and judgment. 
Example: The new 4488 model from the Manufacturer should be considered as a good smartphone because several essential smartphone features are not included: 8 px camera and fast internet browser. 

Body of argument 

Reason #1 

  • First criteria. Here you need to write your thoughts on the first criteria that will be used for evaluation. It is important to use correct words for proper transition between the opening reason and the main idea. The first reason (which is given as the example) should definitely be rephrased so you do not plagiarize yourself. For example: “The first reason not to but a new 4488 is absence of key features which does not make the product a complete smartphone.' 
  • Support to Reason 1: use any reliable resources to support the first reason. These resources may include examples, experts’ findings, data from internet resources, manufactures and other similar products. 
  • Address objection and refute. It is a good technique to address counterarguments right away so think of possible thoughts of your opposing side. You need to convey that your reasoning is right. This will show that you are confident about your work, which is always good. 

Reason #2 

  • Second criteria. Write about your thoughts regarding the second criteria for evaluation. Don’t forget to use mentioned words for transitions between the main idea and the reason. Also you need to rephrase the first reason once again. For example: “The new 4488 from the Manufacturer is not only an incomplete smartphone but also has unreliable battery, which runs out in five hours'. 
  • Support to Reason #2. Any reliable information to support the second reason. 

Reason #3 

You need to repeat the steps mentioned above. 


Restate your main idea for the last time and once again use rewording. The element might also include recommendations from the writer.