Essentials of Professional PowerPoint Presentations


Using visual information to support text content is the great way to deliver your message to your audience and look professional in the eyes of observers. It not only shows professional approach to work you do but also makes understanding of the content much easier. It is obvious that people would rather watch slides and make their own notes than read through numerous pages. However, if the presentation is prepared poorly, it can achieve the opposite effect and cause some problems for the presenter.

This post is a guide to creating presentations that look professional and convey information effectively. Let’s learn how to get the job done without any mistakes.

Creating slides

·  Do not try to use slides from other presentations. No matter if your audience is familiar with that other work or not, it is one of the worst things you could do. Make your own presentation unique and use your creativity.

·  The design of your work should not distract the viewers; for example, if the slides contain too much elements, it might be difficult to get the point without spending some time for consideration and figuring out what the presenter is trying to say. Otherwise, your viewers might be looking at a gorgeous picture of African landscape and forget about the text.

·  Do not use fonts that can be difficult to read or usually are not used in professional presentations. For example, it is a better idea to use Calibri rather than Comic Sans Ms, which is mostly used for school presentations for children.

·  Dedicate some space on your slides for graphic elements. Combination of graphics and text creates much better impression and professional look. No one would prefer to have to work with slides that have only textual content without any graphic support.

·  Do not let your imagination run wild about the design. It should not restrict your message and be just an important addition to the text. You should not impress your viewer with great transitions and pictures only.

Remain consistent

·  In order to remain consistent use the same style for your font and pictures throughout your presentation. The viewer is more likely to be impressed by consistency than variety of fonts colors.

·  The colors you use in your work should match unless you are creating a presentation about the colors of the rainbow. If you are unsure about what colors to be used, turn to build-in tools that show best matching colors for inspiration.

Use contrast

·  It is thought that white background with black text content is one of the best choices. However, many people find this style boring because of lack of creativity.

·  In case if you want to use different colors, feel free to do it. Just bear in mind that the colors should match in order for text to be readable. You don’t want your audience to sit and guess what that text on the previous slide was.

Use images

·  Add images to your presentation.

·  The images should not be used to decorate your work.

·  Remember that one picture can convey more details than a thousand words.