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How to Write a Descriptive Essay

Write a Descriptive Essay
Descriptive essays are intended to give the reader information about personal experience of the writer and create a vivid impression for the readers. Other essays focus on presenting data from Read more »
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Why Essay Writing Is Difficult?

Why Essay Writing Is Difficult
Many students struggle with writing college essays. For example, some of them find it difficult to write about themselves and their personal experiences and others struggle with following outlines and Read more »
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Why Are Students Coming Into College Poorly Prepared to Write?

Students Coming Into College
One of the essential skills of students on every level of education is writing. The process of writing involves a bunch of various skills. All these skills have to be mastered completely and should Read more »
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How to Revise a Narrative Essay

Narrative Essay
Revising a narrative essay requires the same skills like for any other types of written works. It is recommended to examine high-priority issues like content and structure first and then move to Read more »
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How to Avoid Self-Plagiarism

How to Avoid Self-Plagiarism
Many writers think they can do anything with the information they have created and use it multiple times in different situations. The reason for such thinking is that the action cannot be defined as Read more »
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