Essay Types: Persuasive Essay Writing

essay types

Due to the multiple surveys, it is a well-known fact that over the half of students consider writing to be the most exhausting and serious task. It is explained not by the difficulty of the assignment but by the lack of writing practice and motivation absence.

If you want to do well with the essay assignments, you are to start with studying of nuts and bolts of the paper accomplishment. First, what you need to do is to distinguish the following types: 

  • Descriptive 
  • Cause and effect 
  • Persuasive 
  • Definition 
  • Narrative 
  • Critical 
  • Compare and contrast 
  • Process 
Descriptive essay is a paper type that implies giving a detailed description of the event, phenomenon, object, person, situation, etc. The unique feature of this essay type is the presence of multiple stylistic devices and rich language. It is often written in the bookish style that is so peculiar to novels, short stories, etc. Still, the primary task of the descriptive essay is such a profound characterization of an object so that to make the reader be an indirect participant of the text, causing him/ her to touch, smell, taste, see, hear the situation. Talking about the narrative essay, it also uses linguistic devices and make the reader participate in the case, but the main idea is to tell a story, feeding it with a plot, particular text peculiarities such as dialogs, flash backs and forwards and so on. Cause and effect essay is a paper that presents the reasons and consequences of something. Definition essay deals with concrete and abstract terms explanation. A critical paper is to provide the audience with evaluation of the object using already existing essential material and your point of view. Compare and contrast papers are to show the similarities and distinctive features of the objects. Talking about the process essay you are given a step-by-step instruction of how to carry out something, it is something like an instruction or manual. A persuasive essay is an essay that implies a deep research. As the primary task of the persuasive work is to provide the paper with convincing arguments, it is important to accompany these thoughts with strong examples that serve as the evidence of the academic research and analyzing procedure. It is the very quality that differs it from the other essay types – your evidence is invaluable. 

Stages Of The Paper Writing: The Work Should Start With A Topic Selection 

We can tell you without any hesitations that successful work depends firstly on the plan presence. Your plan is a coherence of actions that are to be performed before and during writing. In general, we can distinguish the following sequence of steps that need to be carried out: 

  1. topic selection 
  2. information gathering 
  3. draft composition 
  4. fair copy writing 
  5. final check-up 
Your topic can be both an attribute of excellence and the reason for your failure. The thing is that your knowledge of a separate subject and selection of the corresponding one is half the battle. Being unaware of what you need to write about will make you spend most of your time for searching, analyzing and filtering information. These three phases are present in the persuasive paper writing process. Still, being experienced at your subject will save your time, and you will not be in a hurry during the text composition. Hence – you will not make mistakes and as a result, your marks will be much higher than in case you are studying the subject from scratch. In this way, select the topic you are keen on and do not come to the common ones to raise the interest of the public. Pay attention to such characteristics of the audience like age category, interests, preferences. Do not forget about the instructor's requirements and the course you attend. Persuasive essay topics should cover the actual problems that need an immediate solution: your task is to show an entirely innovative approach to the paper that becomes a synthesis of a vast quantity of information sources and your personal attitude to the problem. 

What To Take Into Account During The Data Collection 

The next stage of the essay composition is the data collection that implies usage of all possible information sources: books, academic works, internet articles, newspapers, magazines and so on. The only thing you must not resort to is plagiarism. Plagiarized elements can be easily detected through the modern computer programs. Thus, your paper can not only receive weak results but also be not accepted at all. In this way, if you liked the text, you are not to copy it but to transform in your words. If you want to save the form of the quotation, make reference to the author who it belongs to. Never resort to the online warehouses as the downloaded works, whether they are free or charged, are used by hundred students a day, and the likelihood that it will be authentic and will not coincide with the one of your classmates is very low. It is better to avoid such services that can not provide you with good persuasive essay examples. 

Build A Skeleton For Your Paper 

Molecules, cells, bone tissues and then muscles. The same thing is about your work construction. Before clear writing, it is better to make up a skeleton of your task. The simple structure of the persuasive paper is the following: 

  • introduction 
  • main body 
  • conclusion
An introduction is an insight into the work that provides the audience with information about your topic and issues that will be discussed. The main body is a major part of your task that is distributed into at least three paragraphs. Each paragraph is a separate argument with an accompanying example. A conclusion is a sum up of the issues and the emphasis on the main idea of the work. After the outline composition, come to the fair copy writing that is to develop the critical information from the draft. Be sure, taking into consideration the information above, you will succeed.