Essay about Yourself

Essay about Yourself

If you have to write an essay about yourself, you should remember the golden rule that you are not limited to the ideas. You may write anything you want about yourself. The more original and unusual your essay is, the better your mark is. 
We recommend you several steps of writing an essay about yourself. 

1. The First Step. Brainstorming Your Own Experience and Skills
First of all, think over your personal experience. Of course, you have enough to say about it. There have been many great and crucial events in your life. Just remember them.

2. The Second Step. Focusing on Several Events 
The second step is more difficult than the first one. You have to select only several events which may be the most interesting not only for you, but also for your potential readers. The wedding day of your lovely aunt may be an important event for you, but it’s rather boring and banal for others. 

3. The Third Step. Describing the Events in Details
On the one hand, you have to give as many details as possible, if you write an essay about yourself. On the other hand, you should only those details which can be amusing for your imaginary readers. 

4. The Fourth Step. Writing an Essay about Yourself
4.1. The First Variant of Writing an Essay about Yourself 
Suppose you are an excellent student with high academic performance, a famous sportsman and the winner of several musical competitions. It goes without saying that you will write about your personal achievements in your essay about yourself. However, try not to boast of it. Concentrate on the gratitude to your parents, as this manner of writing is always without risk of loss. You may write something like this: “To my mind, a student’s high academic performance consists not only of the natural gift of a child, but also of a work and patience of his / her parents. I’m grateful to my parents for my success…' 

4.2. The Second Variant of Writing an Essay about Yourself 
Suppose you have another and even diametrically opposed situation of the previous one. You have no any extraordinary talents or skills. What is more, you often skip the lessons and the level of your academic performance is very law. Don’t be pity! You have a chance to write not only good, but also an original essay about yourself. In this case you may write the following: “Everybody knows that I often skip the lessons. However, I realize that most my teachers are real experts at their job. There is no fault of theirs – it is because of my genetics. You see, my father used to be a famous truant in his childhood, my grandfather used to be the same truant, and so am I. The director tells off my unfortunate teachers for nothing…'. 

5. The Fifth Step. Proofreading Your Essay about Yourself 
Read your essay about yourself to check out that it has no any mistakes. Correct all the lapses and mistakes you have done in your essay. Be sure that it is interesting not only for you, but also for your imaginary readers. Ask your parents, friends or classmates to read your essay and say their thoughts about it. Be ready to hear out the critique with dignity! Take into account all the opinions you have learnt. 

6. Giving a Title (or a Subtitle) to Your Essay about Yourself 
Give a title to your essay about yourself. If your title is “Essay about Myself', you may compose a creative subtitle to it (according to the contents of your essay). Try to attract your potential readers’ attention with an unusual subtitle.
P.S. Try to be original in writing an essay about yourself. Good luck!