Dissertation Proposal Format

Dissertation Proposal Format

1. Title page

The very first page of your proposal contains the same elements as for dissertation. In order to differentiate it is required to type "dissertation proposal". Bibliography on some computers might contain just five words.
Because of this students are asked to provide the best possible explanation of the work in these words.

2. Abstract

This length of the abstract element should not exceed 350 words. Going over the limit is unacceptable. The abstract in dissertation proposal should give information about introduction, statement of the Problem and provide description for dissertation background. It is also supposed to include Questions of the Research and methods and Procedures. Authors are asked to make abstract short and strict to the point.

3. Introduction

Author of the work should be able to provide general information about the conditions and domains that lead to the topic of the work. In other words, background data is provided to get reader familiar with the issue.

4. Problem Statement

This element of the proposal is expected to examine dissatisfaction with the latest condition of the topic area. Additionally it shows why the study is important and describes how it can enhance knowledge of the subject area.

5. Background of the study

Here dissertation is connected to other works in the field. Any dissertation is not supposed to be an isolated piece of knowledge so author needs to provide information about other relevant works on the topic area which give foundation for the research.

6. Research Questions

Previous element, background of the study is aimed at providing foundation for questions of the research. Try to establish the questions as clearly as you can.

7. Methods and procedures

It is a very important part. It gives reader information regarding the nature of the study, methodology which is to be used during the research, methods of retrieving information, and ways how this information will be applied to the study. Moreover, it should identify that retrieved literature is relevant and reliable to be used. However, the most important goal of this element is to give information about methods and techniques which will be applied to analysis of the data. Direct and clear references should connect this part with the research questions.

8. Limitations

Some results of the study may be influenced by weak sides of the dissertation research methods. In this element author states about these weaknesses and explains possible impact on the result

9. References

The majority of dissertations require either APA or Harvard style of referencing, although requirements may vary depending on the discipline and professor’s preferences.