Descriptive Essay Topic

Descriptive Essay Topic
Topics are extremely important because they provide interest in the work and motivate to know more about the subject. Descriptive essays like any other papers should grab attention of readers from the first sentence. Writing descriptive essays is a challenging task for many students because the work is intended to share experience of the writer. 

We have prepared interesting ideas and topics for your descriptive essays so you have success and a little bit of fun during writing. The following ideas can be used as topics for your descriptive essays. 

List of Ideas for Descriptive Essay Writing 

  1. An inspiring view 
  2. Your way to make a day productive 
  3. Your favorite pet 
  4. Challenging event from your life 
  5. Your first book that inspired you 
  6. Music and its influence on you 
  7. A wedding of your relative 
  8. Place where you want to go 
  9. Experience of learning second language 
  10. The most memorable event 
  11. Your first exam 
  12. First year in college 
  13. Sports game that impressed you 
  14. Your neighborhood 
  15. The first dollar you have earned 
  16. An accident from your life 
  17. A disease you suffered in your childhood 
  18. The ER hospital room 
  19. Life in your hometown 
  20. The job you want to have 
  21. Your favorite athlete 
  22. Your classroom 
  23. The first award I won 
  24. The first kiss 
  25. Favorite place to spend free time 
  26. First speech in front of big audience 
  27. New city 
  28. High school graduation 
  29. Moving for the first time 
  30. How I met my best friend