Death Penalty Research Paper Writing Ideas


The topic of capital punishment is perfect for argumentative essays and research papers for colleges and universities. If you were assigned to write a paper on death penalty, there are many options to consider because the topic is very broad. The student can take one of the stands: for or against it and review recent developments in the area. The article offers some good ideas for research papers.

·  Capital punishment and deterrence

·  Executions

·  Race and death penalty

·  Should mentally disabled be subjected to death penalty?

·  Deterrence

·  Women and capital punishment

·  Death Row

·  History of death penalty

·  Innocence

·  Purpose of death penalty

·  Capital punishment: religious view

·  Capital punishment: Protection for innocents

·  Protection for mentally ill

·  Crime rates in states with death penalty

·  Legal foundation for death penalty

·  Death penalty: critique

·  Arbitrariness

·  Geographic Disparities of the Death Penalty

·  Population of death row

·  Bias in capital trial

·  Capital punishment: costs

·  Deterrent value

·  Pros and cons of capital punishment

·  Crime rates in states without death penalty

·  Death penalty in the United States during Great Depression

·  Capital punishment as violation of human rights

·  The need to abolish death penalty

·  Economic bias

·  Legislation on death penalty

·  Anti-death penalty organization in the US