Custom Writing: The Reason To Bed With Books


If you are not fond of reading, it is not difficult to predict that you are not good at custom writing. The reason is quite clear. Your vocabulary is restricted, your knowledge of the grammar leaves much to be desired and your writing or typing speed is not what you can boast about. Writing requires a strong preparation that includes years of practice. In this way, we are trying to explain you that time devotion to the assignments is just useless if you are about to submit the work tomorrow. In such situations, custom essay writing services would be helpful.

What Are The Custom Writing Services Like?

Custom essay writing service is not the same as the online writing warehouse. The difference is explained mostly by different methods of work. While the online warehouses are just the storages of already existing papers that are downloaded by millions of online consumers, your writing service is a whole company that has a team of professionals who are always ready to help you.  Our team consists of skillful writers who pass preliminary check-up for their grammar and general education levels. In addition, we assign you a writer who is competent at your subject. You will have an opportunity to communicate with your writer during the work. You can discuss all possible details of your order: structure, style, paragraphs, bibliography, appendices and so on. Moreover, each work is totally authentic as it is individually written for the customer, taking into account all his requirements. The work is delivered by the deadline you chose. After the delivery you usually have at least 1-2 weeks to look through the paper and ask for amendments if required. Usually, the cooperation is absolutely confidential and nobody becomes aware of your collaboration with the company, all your personal data is kept in secret.

Custom Writing Paper And Its Types

Custom essay is one of the simplest writing assignments given at college or university. Why we consider it to be simple? Its size is 1-3 pages, the structure is not complicated and the informal style of writing is often allowed. In case you received an assignment to write a custom paper, cheer up as this is a task that you can cope with.

You should distinguish several types of essay writing:

  1. Process
  2. Narrative
  3. Argumentative
  4. Compare and contrast
  5. Cause and effect
  6. Critical
  7. Definitive
  8. Descriptive

Process essay is a paper that is to give a step-by step instruction of how to do something. It implies not only manuals but also purely theoretical information. Narration is a paper that has a peculiar composition of story, that uses multiple dialogs, flashbacks, stylistic devices and so on. Argumentative paper is a work that implies persuasive arguments that prove correctness of your point of view. Compare and contrast papers show similarities and differences between several objects. Critical paper is about evaluation of the object that does not always include negative attitude. This type of essay is usually written taking for the background already existing critical material but with your own point of view. Definitive paper is a work that explains the meaning of the term (concrete or abstract). Descriptive paper is a kind of work that is very similar to the narration by the style of writing as it is also emotionally colored and uses multiple stylistic devices, but the main task of the description is not to tell a story, but to give a detailed description of the object.

Plan Of Work: Start With Topic Selection, End With Conclusion

Every type of work must be planned. Just because it saves your time. Just because in this way you organize your work. Just because it eases your writing.  So, what stages your work process is distributed into:

  1. Topic selection.
  2. Information gathering
  3. Draft composition
  4. Fair copy writing

Your work should start with a topic selection. Your paper is not a flight of fancy when you can give a name for your masterpiece at the very end of work. Please, do not confuse topic and title. The title can be changed or improved after you make a meat of your work, but the topic is not your headline – it is a field you are going to study, narrow and present. We would recommend you to select a topic that is not too wiped out. In this way, you will awake the interest of the readers who will be attracted by the innovative approach. And do not take the one that you are not competent at: writing about something you hear for the first time in your life will not bring you any results. After the topic is finally selected, come to the information gathering.  If you took our tips into consideration (we emphasized the importance of knowledge of the subject), you must already know where to take the information from. Still, if you are riddled with this question, use all available sources: books, internet articles, newspapers, magazines, academic works and so on. Do not just copy the information, as in this way it is considered to be a kind of plagiarism – transform the information in your own words forming a completely new text. After you completed the second stage, come to the draft composition. Your outline is a representation of your raw work. It comprises the basic structural constituents: introduction, main body and conclusion. Introduction is a beginning of the work that provides the reader with information about the issues that will be discussed in further. Main body is a major part of your work that is comprised of the several paragraphs. Each paragraph carries a separate statement or argument with accompanying example. Conclusion sums up all the issues and emphasizes your own point of view. After that, extend your outline into the fair copy and do not forget to check it for possible mistakes.

We hope our recommendations will be helpful during the writing process. In case you have any problems, use one of our tips and ask for help at the online writing service.