Critical Analysis Paper Topics

Critical Analysis Paper Topics
The job of students for critical analysis essays is to provide evaluation for an event, text, social phenomena or political issue. In order to do that, they need to define the meaning of the topic and explain the reasons for outcomes of events or situations. We have gathered a number of topics for you to explore and included descriptions as guidelines during writing. 

• Homelessness. Examine the current situation with homelessness issue in your own community. How do local authorities handle the issue? What is the number of homeless people in your community? Also you can search for videos where homeless tell about their lives. 

• Obesity. Obesity, especially among youth, is a well-known problem for many countries. Examine lifestyle of obese people and consequences obesity may have on physical abilities. Include detailed statistics from worldwide agencies.
• Drug use in sports. Select a sport where sportsmen are known to use steroids or other illegal substances. Examine overall situation in that sport. Describe the outcome of such scandals for sportsmen. 

• International adoption. International adoptions become very common in the U.S. and other countries. Examine the issues that such families encounter and include international adoption statistic.
• Gender roles. Nowadays traditional roles of men and women changed. Describe feminist movement and different views on rights of both sexes. What cultures do not allow equal gender roles?
Latino influence. Latino population in the U.S. has grown over recent decades. Examine cultural features of Latino people and how they influenced mainstream culture.
Examine a movie based on a book. There are plenty of movies that used books for scenarios. Describe how well the movie has been adapted. What you like the most? Which is better?

• Describe a character from a novel. Pick up a character from a novel that you have read and examine how the writer changes him or her during the course of novel.
• Examine a scene from a play by Shakespeare. There are many of scenes that are crucial to the plot and can be used as a base for critical paper. Take Hamlet and the scene of death of Ophelia for instance.
• Describe background of a famous author. Learn about life experiences of a certain writer and examine how they influenced his or her works. You may take Ernest Hemingway as an example.
• Describe a great movie. Choose a movie that you like and analyze what makes it great for you. Is that the plot? Characters? 

• Pick a reality TV series. Select a reality TV show and examine why many people watch them. Are all of the shows fake? Is it ethical to be on cast?
• College football. Describe the importance of college football to the educational establishment. Is it a way to attract new students? 

• Street Art and Graffiti. Find and analyze the most famous artists and their works. What is the inspiration behind their art?
• Men and women communication differences. Find a scientific experiment that proves that the two sexes communicate differently and analyze it. Provide recommendations for improving communication.