Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics and Ideas


The subject of criminal justice is frequently used by the student in writing papers. Whether you received such assignment or selected it by yourself, use these topics to inspire you. They include different areas of the topic and are perfectly tailored to use for research papers.

·  Neighborhood Influences on Crime.

·  Experimental Criminology.

·  Capital Punishment.

·  Mass Media, Crime, and Justice.

·  Youth Gangs.

·  Forgery.

·  Child Abduction in the U.S.

·  Kidnapping.

·  Prison.

·  Shoplifting.

·  Women in Crime.

·  Famous white collar crimes of nineteenth century.

·  Capital Punishment.

·  Sociology of Crime.

·  Cultural Transmission Theory.

·  Hate Crime.

·  Los Angeles Riots (1992).

·  Citation and Content Analysis.

·  Feminist Criminology.

·  The function of the police.

·  Crime Prevention.

·  Art Theft.

·  Social Class and Crime.

·  Criminology as Social Science.

·  Child Sexual Abuse.

·  Drunk Driving.

·  Guns and Crime.

·  Crime Reports and Statistics.

·  Social Disorganization Theory.

·  Domestic Violence.

·  The nature of hate crime.

·  Prostitution.

·  Identity Theft.

·  Computer crime.

·  Sexual harassment.

·  Sentencing.