Contrast and Compare Essay Topics

Contrast and Compare Essay Topics
This assignment is often given to students in order to develop their skills of comparison two things and identifying important points. Compare and contrast essays are considered to be very easy to write because they do not involve a lot of research and can use personal experience of the writer. 

Here are some ideas for topics for you compare and contrast essays. Some of them can be used for writing for fun while the others are academic. 

List of Topics to Consider 

• Ufology vs Astronomy 
• Earth vs Mars 
• Solar Power vs Wind Power 
• Bird vs Magic 
• HTC vs Windows Phone 
• Humans vs Robots 
• West vs East 
• War vs Peace 
• Terrorism vs Organized Crime 
• Fast food vs “Slow food' 
• India vs China 
• Bachelor vs Married 
• Spain vs Portugal 
• South America vs North America 
• Classic vs Modern 
• Churchill vs Hitler 
• Europe vs the US 
• Books vs Movies 
• College vs University 
• Letters vs email 
• Apple vs Microsoft 
• Sisters vs Brothers 
• Writing vs Listening 
• Sitting vs Standing 
• Comedy vs Tragedy 
• Theater vs Movies 
• City vs town 
• Fiction vs Reality 
• Britain vs Scotland 
• Wood vs Metal 
• Water vs Fire 
• Energy drink vs Coffee 
• Google vs Bing 

Compare and Contrast Essay Writing Tips 

Compare and contract essay writing structure is very specific and requires careful consideration of all required parts. You have several strategies to choose from. First, you may first discuss one point of comparison and next discuss the second point of comparison. Second, you may organize your paper by devoting a separate part to each element. For example, if you discuss Google and Bing, you will have introduction, paragraph about Google, and paragraph about Bing. Conclusion will sum up your findings. 

Another strategy is to decide on three points used as the basis for comparison. For instance, you may choose to talk about speed, accuracy of results, and display of information. Thus, each paragraph devoted to one of the points will discuss both Google and Bing. Points chosen for comparison will help you create a good flow of ideas. 

Compare and Contrast Essay Help

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