Excellent Comparison and Contrast Essay Topics


Comparison and contrast essays are a common assignment at school and college. The purpose of such an essay is to provide a comprehensive comparison of two ideas, objects, people or situations. Comparison essay should encompass both similarities and differences, whereas contrast essay only notes differences.

How to Pick the Best Topic

While choosing comparison contrast essay topics you need to look for two subjects that are related and lie in the same sphere of life. Whatever you choose to write about - two periods, fashions, colleges, coffee houses - they must be commeasurable for the comparison to be fair.

Comparing and contrasting topics that you select should also be bound with your personal interests. Otherwise, your essay will hardly be fundamental enough. Don't get down to comparing two novels if you are not fond of reading at all and don't now the basics of literature analysis. We suggest some groups of topics for your inspiration. 

Common topics

  • Autumn and winter
  • Childhood and adulthood
  • The 70s and the 80th
  • Living in a city and living in the country
  • Driving a car and a riding a bike
  • Travelling by plane and travelling by bus
  • Lending books and buying books
  • Vacation at the seaside and vacation in the mountains 
  • Live communication and communication in social media
  • Yoga and aerobics
  • Medicines and home remedies
  • Traditional shopping and electronic shopping  
These are some general comparing and contrasting topics that anyone could write about, for they do not require special research, your own experience and knowledge would be enough. 


  • School and college
  • Private college and public college
  • SAT and ACT
  • Master's degree and PhD degree
  • Online education and traditional education
  • Studying abroad and studying locally

Education comparison and contrast topics are also really advantageous because they show your teacher how serious you are about your studies and future academic goals. 


If you are a techie, try comparing something of the following:

  • Apple and Microsoft
  • Linux and Windows
  • Facebook and MySpace
  • Yahoo and Google
  • Wordpress and Joomla
  • Outlook and Thunderbird
  • Android and iOS


If you are particularly interested in economy, maybe these topics would appeal to you:

  • Electronic money and paper money
  • Futures and forwards
  • Investing long term and investing short term
  • Capitalism and socialism
  • Government control and free market
  • The economies of China and Japan

Culture and Art

And here are some topics for art fans and culture connoisseurs:

  • The Scarlet Letter: the book and the screen version
  • W. Thackeray and Ch. Dickens
  • Rock music and jazz
  • Comedy and tragedy
  • Realism and romanticism
  • Renaissance art and Modern art
  • The Great Gatsby and The Sun Also Rises

Keep in mind that there are some topics you'd better stay away from, like religious or political preferences. Even if you are extremely objective in your comparison, your readers might not be so objective when grading your paper if your opinions do not coincide. Try not to touch upon people who are alive now either.

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