Compare and contrast essay topics for students

compare and contrast essay topics
Essay Writing Nightmare Or Why So Hard To Write? Why so many students consider essay to be a challenging assignment? It is not a riddle that along with a technical progress people keep away from reading books which form a so-called word and grammatical potential that is a reflection of student's erudition.

In this way, they do not develop their information perception, critical thinking, vocabulary and, finally, writing skills. Solving this problem during only a few hours is hard. Thumbing through someone's perfectly written paper which makes you feel like a loser, you should realize that this work seems to be ideal not because of the writer's talent: it contributed, but the result mostly depends on your writing practice. Thus, never believe that talent for writing is the only contributor to successful work fulfillment. 

Essay Writing Types: Compare And Contrast Essay 

You should realize what the very type of writing you face before taking a pen. Depending on the essay type, your work will have a definite style of writing, length and structure. For example, when we talk about a term paper on some medical topic, your article is likely to be a 20-page work written in a formal style with complex structure. Taking, for instance, a film review, it will cover maximum three pages, may be drawn up in informal style and without vivid structural constituents. For better understanding of the importance to distinguish the essay types, look through the following classification of papers into eight main types: 

  • Argumentative 
  • Definition 
  • Process 
  • Critical 
  • Narrative 
  • Descriptive 
  • Cause and effect 
  • Compare and contrast 
Let's give definitions to the each of them. An argumentative paper is a work that aims to convince the audience in your correct attitude to the problem. It uses persuasive arguments with vivid examples that support the arguments. It is peculiar for this essay type to be written in a formal style that implies refusal from the bookish elements, and being emotionally neutral. Definition essays that are to give explanations to the abstract and concrete terms, also tend to be formally written. Process paper is an instruction that is represented by a step-by-step guideline concerning one or another action. Critical work is based on both of your point of view and the critical materials that can be used as a powerful support of your attitude to the issue. There are two essay types that almost always use an informal style of writing: descriptive and narrative papers. Descriptive essay implicates detailed descriptions of an object using various stylistic devices. The narrative writing is not concentrated on the detailed description but aims to tell a story that includes the presence of plot, different structural elements such as dialogs, flashbacks and flash forwards and so on. Cause and effect essay is to show the reasons for a particular phenomenon and its real and possible consequences. Compare and contrast papers are about highlighting similar and distinctive features between the certain objects. The last two essay types are often used during research conduction as they both are integral parts of the analysis process. 

How to Find Appropriate Comparison And Contrast Essay Topics 

The essay topics do not always depend on your luck: when the instructor prepares individual compare and contrast topics for each student. Sometimes your teacher allows you to choose a one yourself doing you a favor as you can select something you are death on. In this way, you can save your time for the information gathering and writing. First, what you need to do is to relax and think over what compare contrast topics deserve discussion, which of them may be called urgent, and which of them need to be narrowed so that to avoid triteness. Remember that the writing assignment you receive is given for you not with the only intention to improve your writing skills but also to bring innovation. Thus, avoid a kind of hackneyed compare and contrast essay topics so that not to make readers fall asleep. See a few topics below that can be inspiring for you: 

  • Earth today and Earth in a century: how will it differ 
  • Psychological aspect of men and women character distinctions 
  • Android and iOS: what to choose 
  • Diet or sport on your way to the model career 
  • Attention To The Work Process: How To Make A Go Of Your Paper? 

Any work, any people activity should start with a deliberate plan. The plan is a kind of sequence of steps you need to make to provide yourself with the highest academic results. Your compare and contrast essay writing process should be divided into the following phases of work: 

  • topic selection 
  • information collection 
  • information filtering 
  • draft composition 
  • fair copy writing 
  • final check up 

After you finally choose a topic, come to the information gathering. You can use all possible writing sources starting with the old library books and end with the online publications on your topic. What we highly recommend you is to avoid plagiarism: your work is likely to be checked for its authenticity level, and if the plagiarized elements are detected, all your work will go down the tube. If you want to use the information from a critical material, firstly read it and then write it in your words. You will find lots of capturing information, still, your paper is not endless. Thus, your next task is to select an essential data for the document. The next stage of writing is an outline composition that implies a representation of the work structure. Receiving an assignment to write a 3-page essay, it will have the following form: 

  • Introduction (acquaintance with the audience) 
  • the main body (arguments of comparison and contrast, supporting evidence) 
  • conclusion (a sum up of the paper) 

The fair copy is your extended draft that is to develop the essential information from an outline to form a full-value text. After you complete your fair copy, do not forget to ask somebody to check it for possible mistakes as it is a well-known fact that strangers will find more fails in your work than you. Taking into consideration these tips, you will accomplish your paper successfully.