Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

compare and contrast essays topics

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics About Children


  1.  Toys and games for little boys vs. toys and games for little girls. 
  2.  Desires of a child to desires of an adult.
  3.  Pictures of boys vs. pictures of girls
  4.  The role of a father to the role of a mother in a baby’s life.
  5.  The meaning of a father to the meaning of a mother in preschool child development.
  6.  Love of fathers / mothers vs. love of grandfathers / grandmothers. 
  7.  Communication between the children vs. communication between children and adults .
  8.  Being an elder brother / sister vs. being a younger brother / sister. 
  9.  Friendship between children of same-sex and heterosexual children. 
  10.  Having no brothers and sisters to living in a large family.

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics About Pets   

  1. A cage with a parrot or an aquarium with fish. 
  2. A dog in the flat or a dog on a chain in the yard. 
  3. A homemade rat to a hamster. 
  4. Smooth cats vs. wooly and bushy cats.
  5. A pocket dog or a large dog.
  6. To train or not to train a dog. 
  7. Pedigree dogs vs. mongrels. 
  8. A forage for animals: dry food or table scraps. 
  9. To have many pets or to have one pet. 
  10. To have or not to have a pet.

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics About Your Rest 

  1. Active or passive rest. 
  2. Family vacation vs. vacation with your best friends.
  3. Too short holidays vs. too long holidays. 
  4. Travelling around your city / travelling around the world. 
  5. Sport or needlework. 
  6. Your feelings at the beginning and at the end of holidays.
  7. Your rest in a small and in a large company.
  8. Rest with your best friend to rest with your girlfriend / boyfriend. 
  9. Vacation with and without children. 
  10. A well-planned vacation or unplanned vacation.

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics About Your Work 

  1. Full or part-time employment. 
  2. A distant work or work in the office.
  3. An interesting job with a low salary or a boring job with a high salary.
  4. One job with a high salary or several jobs with low salaries. 
  5. Working for a small or large company. 
  6. Sedentary work vs. standing work.
  7. Working in the room or in the open air. 
  8. Being a private businessman vs. being a hired worker.
  9. Working with people or with machines. 
  10. A colleague or a competitor. 

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics About The Interior Of Your Home 

  1. Painting walls or gluing walls with wallpapers.
  2. A ceramic tile to a natural linoleum in the kitchen. 
  3. A natural linoleum to a laminate in the bedroom. 
  4. Combined bathroom (bathroom with toilet) vs. separate bathroom.
  5. One big room or two small rooms in your flat.
  6. Pastel shades or bright colors in the drawing room. 
  7. Retro style or high-tech style in the kitchen. 
  8. A private balcony in the kitchen or in the bedroom.
  9. A long or short hall. 
  10. Artificial or natural flowers in the kitchen.

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics About Education 

  1. Private and public schools.
  2. Learning one or several foreign languages. 
  3. A gender-specific or similar education of boys and girls. 
  4. Free and paid school education. 
  5. The influence of teachers and parents on student learning. 
  6. One or two diplomas of higher education. 
  7. Prestigious or interesting specialties. 
  8. An increased scholarship for activists or honours students.
  9. Young and experienced teachers.
  10. First-year students vs. undergraduates.