Compare and Contrast Essay Ideas

Compare and Contrast Essay Ideas
Compare and contrast essay are used to make a transition from high school papers to academic papers in college or university. They use a simple structure and provide useful research skills. The post presents ideas for compare and contrast essays. The topics are uncategorized so you have a wide range of areas to choose from. 

List of Things to Compare 

  1. American government vs Indian government 
  2. High school vs college 
  3. Typing vs handwriting 
  4. Fantasy vs Sci-fi 
  5. Richness vs poverty 
  6. Pollution in the U.S vs Pollution in Japan 
  7. Working as a driver vs working as a sales manager 
  8. Living in Denmark vs Living in India 
  9. Hurricane vs Rain 
  10. Doctor vs Shaman 
  11. Advertising vs Sales 
  12. Computer vs Typewriter 
  13. McDonalds vs KFC 
  14. High school student vs college student 
  15. Science vs Art 
  16. Indian sea vs North sea 
  17. Train trip vs Plane trip 
  18. Automobile vs Bus 
  19. Sedan vs Minivan 
  20. Handgun vs Machine Gun 
  21. Scholarship vs salary 
  22. Reading vs Proofreading 
  23. High school teacher vs Professor 
  24. Vacation in Norway vs Vacation in Indonesia 
  25. Michigan vs Los Angeles 
  26. Buying things online vs Buying things on the street 
  27. Coach vs Player 
  28. Boring subject vs Interesting subject 
  29. Campus vs home 
  30. Reality vs Imagination 
  31. Studying in the U.S. vs Studying in Brazil 
  32. Rock music vs Jazz music 
  33. Formula One vs Nascar 
  34. Beer vs Juice 
  35. People vs Robots