Compare and Contrast Essay Example

Compare and Contrast Essay Example
The following is an easy example of a compare and contrast essay with explanations about each element. This is the simplest structure which is the base for all such essays. Complicated structures include more requirements but if you want to get yourself familiar with the basics for the start, read below. 

Elementary School vs Middle School 

What is different about elementary and middle school? Many kids are wondering what could be waiting for them at the next stage of their lives. Let’s review the differences and similarities between these two educational institutions. 

The first paragraph explains the things needed to be compared. 

There are many things that elementary schools have in common with middle schools. First of all, there are established schedule for vising by students in both schools. The lessons are conducted in classrooms where teachers give the students new knowledge about subjects. The time for breaks is pre-set so the students can get some rest or have lunch. Moreover, both schools give homework to strengthen the knowledge given in class. 

This paragraph is the part of the body. As we see the first sentence gives the reader information about what is about to be described in the rest: the common things the two establishments have. 

On the other hand, there are some differences between them. Firstly, teachers are supposed to stay with their students at their designated class for most time during the day. However, when students make their transition to middle school they will discover that different subject is taught by different teacher. Besides, the teachers do not have to stay with the students. Moreover, new class is offered to students for new subjects. Middle schools have lockers for students as well. 

The second paragraph of the body is intended to show the differences between elementary school and middle school. Here the author identifies the main things which will be new to the elementary students

When students do not know what to expect during the transition from elementary to middle school, it might seem difficult for many. The most important thing is that elementary school aims to prepare students for the new stage in getting their education. Even when some things are different, moving won’t be an uncomfortable to experience because the classmates will be the same along with many other things. 

The final paragraph, conclusion, demonstrates the why it is important to understand the differences and similarities between elementary school and middle school. This element might also contain new details regarding the subject.