College Essay Topics


College Essay Topics

Writing college essay should be interesting and informative for authors and their readers. In order to provide you with some ideas for topics, we have created the following list. Some of the topics are common and some provide new foundations to researching old issues.

·  Junk food should pay more taxes than other restaurants

·  Fundamental human rights: privacy

·  China as the leading producer of goods in the world

·  Difference of organized crime and terrorism

·  Importance of Gandhi’s philosophy

·  Sophisticated society

·  How to beat everyday stress

·  Trends of pollution

·  Why is it important to care about seniors

·  Informative function of advertising

·  Fight against greenhouse gases

·  Police in the society

·  Features of mixed economy

·  What is the ideal man for presidency?

·  Smoking and teenagers

·  Problems of college campuses

·  World should impose new fishing laws

·  Kindergarten functions

·  College education cost trends

·  Online education

·  The perfect professor

·  Physical education importance

·  Learning language as mandatory rule

·  Working from home for parents

·  The U.S. influence in the world

·  Poor countries vs rich countries

·  Reserving oil for future

·  Modern learning technologies

·  U.S. foreign debt

·  International tourism

·  Influence of materialism in society

·  Importance of religion

·  World in 2050.

·  Vegetarian lifestyle

·  College campus security