College Essay Writing As A Door To The New Life


One of the most common parts of entering the college is an essay writing that is required for your self-representation and showing your appropriateness for the educational institution. College essay is an admission paper that has the main purpose to reveal your best qualities and to show that you really deserve place at the institution. Of course, it is not the only condition of successful entering, but still it matters more than you can imagine. We will share a few useful tips with you below in order to show how can you stand out from the rest of applicants and how to approach the work process.

Do Not Believe In Yourself? Someone Stop This Song!

If you really want something, you will definitely acquire it. Thus, if you want to enter the college, you will prepare with all necessary subjects for admission, you will improve your academic level and, finally, you will write a high-quality admission paper.

First thing you need to do is to understand that there are no definite college essay topics you need to adhere to. You choose what to mention and how to structure your work yourself. Still, we would like to recommend you the following structure:

a)  Self-introduction

b)  Your accomplishments

c)  Your activities and hobbies

d)  Your expectations and desires

In your introduction you should tell a few words about yourself: who you are, why do you apply this very college, why you have chosen this very course etc. You should prove your extreme desire to be the part of the educational establishment. Your next paragraph must be devoted to the achievements: academic progress, awards, prizes etc. By this information you present your mental abilities and developing personality. The section “activities and hobbies' includes your extra work and interests. Here you can uncover your best inner qualities, personal advantages, wideness of soul, interest area etc. In the last paragraph you should express your desire to contribute to the college life and your plans for the future: how you see yourself in a few years, what you want to achieve etc.

How To Write A College Essay Correctly?

You should know, that it is important to adhere to one more aspect of the essay writing: the correctness of writing. By this, we mean the competence at structure, grammar and style. Structure of your admission paper is characterized by the presence of the already mentioned issues (a, b, c, d). In general, you should divide your paper into the following constituent parts:

  • Introduction
  • Main body
  • Conclusion

Your introduction is the mentioned self-representation – the insight into the work. Your main body is concluded in at least three paragraphs, each paragraph is a separate issue (e.g. accomplishment issue). The conclusion is the last paragraph that emphasize your desire to study at the college and your intention to become an active participant in its life.

A Few Tips Concerning Grammar: Morphology And Syntax

We would like to give you a few college essay tips that could be useful during writing. Grammar is considered to be an art of writing. If during your paper writing at school you did not pay much attention to grammar and the focus was mainly on the contents of the work, SURPRISE! The bubble has burst… It is time to review grammatical rules and check your work ten times before submitting. So, what college essay prompts will be really useful for you?

         1. Make up a draft of your work: this will guarantee you twice less silly mistakes that you can make without the outline composition. Your draft must be the skeleton of the work that means it should represent the work structure and the key information concluded in the constituents. Below you can see an approximate sample college essay outline:

Introduction: Who are you? Why do you want to become a part of this college? Why is it so essential for you?

Main body: issues mentioned in the previous paragraphs

Paragraph 1

Paragraph 2

Paragraph 3

Conclusion: emphasis on your desire to pass examination and study at this college, possible contributions to the institution.

         2. Pay attention to the morphology of the text. What is morphology? You must have already heard about this linguistic science at school: it is a grammar section, which deals with peculiarities of morphemes and words. Here, you need to focus your attention on the structural special features of words such as root, prefix, suffix, inflection etc.

         3. Place emphasis on syntax. Syntax is a language science that studies word combinations and different types of sentences that can form the text. What you need to attend is the complexity of sentences you use during the work accomplishment. Try to sound not too official, be friendly, but not impudent – try to find a golden mean.

         4. Do not forget about punctuation: comas, dashes, colons etc. Depending on a type of the sentence, punctuation tools differ dramatically.

         5. Manage your time. It is better to plan your work beforehand and to devote a definite period of time to the each task. Be sure, it will save your time greatly.

         6. Find college essay examples through the internet search in order to know how this kind of work looks like, to save time and to avoid mistakes inadvertently.

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