College Application Essay Prompts

College Application Essay Prompts
College application essays require giving a personal insight about the student that wants to enter college. In one essay a person should convince admission committee that he or she should be a student of their institution. We have collected some good examples for college application essays for you to use and reflect upon. 

List of College Application Essays: 

  • Think of an incident that changed your life forever. How exactly did it influence your personality and views on the people or world? 
  • Recount a situation when you have made a really good decision and solved difficult problem. How did you come up with that idea? 
  • Discuss an event that helped you to make a transition from childhood to adulthood. What member of society can you become? 
  • If you had a chance to meet anybody, who would that be? Think of anybody that had some impact on your life. 
  • Describe a place where you fit the most. What is this place and why you feel comfortable there? What is your experience? 
  • Think of all bad habits people have all around the world. What would you recommend them? Do you see any ways people could improve their lives? 
  • Describe how race can affect lives. Is there a race prejudice in this country? What should be done in order to change things? 
  • Recount on something that someone has said or expressed. What was the most interesting things or actions that had significant meaning for you? 
  • If you were a director of a movie, what would your movie be about? 
  • Does music have some influence on you? What kind of music do you prefer and why? Do you think that your behavior reflects the music you like? 
  • Think of events that have changed the course of history. Are there some you would want to change? What are the desired outcomes? 
  • What was the hardest news you had to deliver to your friends or family? Describe your feelings at that moment. 
Here, we tried to gather for you a list of interesting and useful College application Essay examples. We believe them to be really helpful for you. In this article we do not give advices how to write College Application Essay. Here, there is only a list of essays examples. If you want to get more information about writing College Application essay visit our website.