College Admission Essay Writing: Why It Becomes a Challenge

College Admission Essay

The period of applying any educational institution is always stressful due to the multiple reasons. Firstly, it is your state. You feel nervous about the situation as this is the time for you to prove your personal growth and your merits to become a part of the college. 

Your task is to show your determinacy in the course and logical plans for the nearest future. While writing your paper, it is important to take into account next features: 

  1. Your paper is a representation of your merits. Do not shy to tell about your hidden talents. 
  2. It must not be an artificial work. What you need to do is to avoid pure lies: embellish but do not tell tall stories. 
  3. Do not forget to mention your disadvantages and fails. People are not ideal, and everyone knows it. Thus, your task is to prove that you are not a humanoid. At the same time do not tell about your difficult childhood, alcohol drinks and slags at night, voices in your head that advice you what to do, etc. Just kidding, but we hope you got the idea. 
  4. Do not worry too much. Your nervousness will not help you and, also, it will be a drag on your writing process. You are not able to provide yourself with extra time for the paper writing. In this way what you need to do is to distribute the rest of it so that to be on time with everything. 
  5. Do not plagiarize. Do you know that now your work can be checked for the presence of plagiarized elements during only a few minutes? Each teacher has access to such authenticity check up programs and be sure, being detected it will be a real problem to prove your genuine writing. 
  6. Be individual. Here we talk about everything: the style of writing, topic selection, structure, etc. 

How to Structure Your College Essay Writing Process 

If you do not know how to write an admission essay, we will be glad to provide you with a few useful tips that can contribute during the writing. First, what you need to do is to make a plan of work. Then you need to find already existing college essays through the internet. This is necessary for you to know how it looks like. Still, use only reliable sources of the information. It is better if you find someone who succeeded in college admission and who will give you several helpful advice. Still, do not forget about our recommendations above to stay individual. Next, what you need to do is to make up an outline of work that looks in the following way: 

Main Body 
Paragraph 1 
Paragraph 2 
Paragraph 3 

These constituents comprise only key information concluded in the phrases and sentences. An introduction is a beginning of your paper that gives information about yourself and reasons why you apply the college. Main body is a major part of work that includes the following information: 

Your accomplishments. Accomplishments include various awards, prizes, diplomas, recommendations and so on. 
Your hobbies. Tell about your extra activities that cover sport: swimming, dancing, football, tennis, athletics; art: painting, photography, music composition; science: experiments, researches; tourism; charity and so on. This paragraph uncovers your personality, diversity of interests and level of development. 
Your plans for future and intentions. Here you need to mention the contributions you may do for the university, things you want to discover, how you see yourself in a few years and other interesting issues. 
In conclusion, you need to put an emphasis on your desire to study at college and improve yourself. After you ended the draft composition, come to the fair copy writing. Your fair copy is an extended version of your raw material. It forms the whole text from the basic information. Do not forget to check it for the possible grammatical mistakes. 

Style of Writing And Other Details Of Work 

The style of your paper must be formal but not too official. What you need to do is to make friends with the audience. Thus, your text must be both friendly and open, and at the same time it should show respect by its accurate formal content. Demonstrate your ability to use complex and compound sentences in the text, English vocabulary knowledge, rules of decorum and so on. Pay attention to the grammar of your paper. Speaking of grammar, take into consideration the morphology and syntax. Morphology is a science that studies inner structure of the language: words and morphemes. Syntax deals with the word combinations, sentences, word order and the text in a whole. In addition, do not forget about punctuation of your paper as the complicated sentences have different punctuation rules. 

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