Classification Essay Prompts

Classification Essay Prompts
Numerous subjects can be used as topics for classification essays. The best technique of selecting the right topic for you is to determine one that interests you. Your success depends on your choice so make sure your topic fits the assignment and begin writing. However, if you struggle to find one, check out these great topics. 

Classification Essay Topics: 

• Different jobs 
• Television TV series 
• Types of friends 
• Writing styles 
• Ways to lose weight 
• Baseball fans 
• Ways to earn money 
• Ways to combat climate change 
• Stand-up comedians 
• Countries according to GDP 
• Countries according to PC users 
• Chinese restaurants 
• Cars by sold quantities 
• Search engines 
• Law firms 
• Historical events 
• Inventions according to their importance 
• DVD players 
• College professors 
• Essays according to their purpose 
• Social activists 
• Methods of doing homework 
• Singers according to style 
• Ways of coping with an illness 
• Different methods of using smartphones 
• Different methods of powerwalking 
• Methods of catching an animal 
• Different ways to travel 
• Strategies to work out 
• Positions in football 
• People waiting in line 
• Malls by offered services 
• Countries by economic stability 
• Natural phenomena by their occurrence 
• Methods to cheat an exam 
• Eating styles. 

Classification Essay Writing Help 

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Classification essay writing is not the easiest type of assignment largely because you need to keep in mind many aspects of formal writing rules. In particular, you need to have a clear thesis statement and specific structure such as body paragraphs each devoted to the predetermined class or category. In other words, you need to start with outline and analysis of categories. 

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