Business & Management Dissertation Ideas

Dissertation Ideas
Here, we prepared for you a list of various Business & Management Dissertation Ideas which might be useful for you. There are three sections of topics. These are the following: Business, Government and Society; Organization Leadership and Common Topics. 

Business, Government and Society 

  1. Examination and evaluation of connection between financial performance and social responsibility of a corporation. The case of McDonalds. 
  2. Is corporate social responsibility added to strategies of large corporations to only build reputation among customers? The case of Microsoft. 
  3. The ways for governments to restrict or destroy monopolies in order to stop unwanted activities. The case of Nike. 
  4. Evaluation of healthcare reform by Obama. Is it a good strategy to preserve the benefits of insurance providers and reduce costs of healthcare services for companies? 
  5. Importance of shared value. Is it a good strategy to increase competitive advantage and at the same time improve economic conditions in communities? 

Organizational Leadership 

  1. Should leadership be separated from management by corporations to be able to achieve better results on corporate strategies? 
  2. Evaluation of influence of inner culture of corporation on leadership decision to reinvent organization. The case of Blackberry. 
  3. The abilities of leadership to change organizational processes and combine inner and outer knowledge more effective. 
  4. The differences between individual charismatic leadership and organizational leadership. What is the most effective approach?
  5. Leadership in the 12st century. What are the most distinct features and what has changed in recent decades? 

Common Topics 

  1. The future of street retail. How it was affected by emergence of Ecommerce? 
  2. Analysis of recent mergers in the United States. 
  3. The future of global business strategy. 
  4. Economic liberation and its influence on tea industry in India. 
  5. What factors have the most significant influence on organizational changes? The case of Amazon. 
  6. Evaluation of brand management in North America. Food branding. 
  7. Current challenges faced by Apple when operating in Eastern Europe. 
  8. Information System planning in software companies. 
  9. Global challenges of global banking system. A study in China. 
  10. Comparative evaluation of the United States and Brazil as leading IT outsourcing providers.