Bullying Research Paper


The Measure of the Issue

When we hear the word “bullying' different offensive pictures come to our minds, such as teasing, name-calling, rumor spreading, taunting and so on. While some people go on considering bullying a harmless element of children’s growing up, others insist that this problem should be solved somehow. In fact, every seventh pupil is either a bully or a victim of bullying. Therefore obviously the problem is quite widespread. 

Types of Bullying

To have a better understanding of the notion, let’s explore different kinds of bullying.


This one includes teasing, verbal abuse, name-calling, intimidation or discriminative remarks. Verbal bullying can also be in a hidden form, for example, when someone spreads rumors behind other’s back.


Physical bullying involves the use of physical force. It may include pinching, pushing, kicking, beating and damaging the stuff of a victim.


As well as the verbal one, it also concerns spreading rumors. Social bullying, which is also called relational, is aimed at humiliation of a child. In other words, bullies do their best to damage the reputation of a particular pupil, lying about him, playing mean jokes to embarrass him and so on. This type of bullying is more common for girls.


Cyberbullying grows more serious in the current century, since children are increasingly involved in using their mobile phones, iPads and other devices and communicating through on-line websites and social networks. Thus this type of bullying includes any kind of humiliation through Internet and mobile phone communication, ranging from instant texting to posting different humiliating photos.

Bullying Aspects

If you are to write a research paper on bullying topic, you may have fears that the problem is already over-explored. Thus we are offering you to look at the issue from different angles. This may help you to find fresh aspects to be discussed in your paper.

1.  Reasons:

-  Environment;

-  Parents;

-  Psychological problems.

Children become bullies for a particular reason. It is not easy to find it, but you can review all the possible reasons in your research paper. Also you may speak about the victims and the features which make particular children attractive to bullies.

2.  Participants:

-  Bully;

-  The support group of a bully;

-  Victim;

-  The support group of a victim.

Here you can examine both – the ones who attack, and the ones who come to help the attacked ones.

3.  Effects:

-  Physical;

-  Social;

-  Psychological.

In your research paper you can consider which type of bullying affects different elements of child’s development. For example, the relational one influences child’s self-esteem and relationships with people. You may also examine the cases when bullying caused children’s suicides and shootings.

4.  Intervention:

-  Teachers;

-  Parents;

-  Governments.

Here you can consider which intervention is the most powerful and effective in solving this problem. Also different methods of bullying control and regulation from each part may be considered and suggested.

Be Persuasive

Research papers often include the point of view of the author (unless it is a report research paper with the list of facts). That is why it is important to represent some fresh ideas and thoughts in your academic paper. Writing your bullying research paper you may think of different suggestions on how to improve the situation. Also you can examine the world statistics and make conclusions on the reasons for the higher bullying rates in particular countries. There is a big range of topics to be discussed concerning bullying – just be creative and don’t be afraid to discover something new while conducting your research.