Bullying Essay


If you have to write essay about bullying, decide which essay type is the most appropriate to you. You may choose it according to your own manner of writing.

If you are not restricted in the titles, you may compose your own one. In this case you may narrow the topic to make your essay more original.

1. Answering the Questions Concerned with Bullying

Read these groups of questions attentively.

1. Should parents be responsible for their child if he / she is a bully? Should parents of young bullies be in prison (as a variant, pay a fine)? Should school teachers discuss the problem of bullying with teenagers?

2. Can you compare thoughts and emotions of  bullies and their victims? A bully: to be born or to become? A victim of bullying: to be born or to become? What are the differences and similarities between bullies and bullying victims?

3. What are the causes of bullying? What are the effects of bullying? Can you imagine the past and future life of bullies and their victims?

4. Can you tell a story about bullying with a didactic end? (NB! If you know a real story concerned with bullying from the experience of your relatives, friends or old acquaintances, don’t forget to change all the names, dates and other important facts for ethical reasons).

2. Selecting an Essay Type

Selecting an essay type is easy, if you have chosen the group of the most interesting questions for you. 

1. If your choice is the first group of questions, you may write an argumentative essay about bulling. The possible variants of titling your essay may be the same as the questions:

 “Should Parents be Responsible for Their Child if He / She is a Bully? ',“Should Parents of Young Bullies be in Prison (Pay a Fine)?' or “Should School Teachers Discuss the Problem of Bullying with Teenagers?'.

2. In the case if you want to make a comparative analysis, you may write a compare and contrast essay about bullying. Give the title to your compare and contrast essay like these:

“The Traits of a Bully vs. the Traits of a Bullying Victim', “How does a Bully Feel to How does a Bullying Victim Feel', “Being a Bully: The Role of Genetics vs. the Influence of Environment'.

3. If you are ready to answer on the third group of questions, you may write a cause and effect essay. The title of your cause and effect essay may be like these:

 “Why does a Teen Become a Bullying Victim?',  “What is a Potential Future of a Bullying Victim', “What are the Reasons of Being a Bully?'.

4. If you know a story about bullying, you may write a narrative essay. The possible variants of titles for your narrative essay are:

“How a Bully was Punished', “How a Bully Became a Good Man', etc.

3. Some Ideas and Recommendations for Writing a Bullying Essay

1. If you write an argumentative essay about bullying under the title “Should Parents be Responsible for Their Child if He / She is a Bully? ', you may say about the role of genetics and upbringing in becoming a bully.

2. If you write a compare and contrast essay about bullying concerned with differences and similarities of bullies and their victims, you may think that they are absolutely opposed. However, there are also some similarities. As a rule, bullies and victims both have no good friends and hobbies.

3. If you write a cause and effect essay about bullying  under the title “Why does a Teen Become a Bullying Victim?', you should read some works of psychologists and criminologists to learn the traits of a potential victim. 

4. If you write a narrative essay about bullying, try to avoid banal stories. E.g. you may compose the romantic end to a real story, telling that the bully and his victim become the best friends.