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Writing book reports can be an exhausting assignment even for those students who are used to writing essays and accomplished in it. Why so? Because the whole lot of your creativity and imagination won’t help if you haven’t read the book first. And that’s only one of the stumbling blocks you face on your way. How much time will it take you? Well, reading a book like Catcher in the Rye will take you about three days, but what about The Scarlet Letter or Crime and Punishment? Not less than a week of your life will be eaten up for good, until you have read them.

Anyways, suppose you have decided to sacrifice precious moments of your young years to get through these tome... As you read, don’t forget to distinguish main and secondary characters, point out the setting, highlight main ideas and write down quotes to illustrate them.

But all these efforts are just one small part of your assignment and they will never be justly appreciated. You also need to carry out profound analysis and give your assessment to the events described. Your teacher probably does not expect some basics only. He wants to get to know your substantiated opinion on problems raised in the book, as well as suggestions, like what could have gone differently, if something had happened?

How to Organize a Book Report Essay?

In general, the structure of a book report essay is the following:

  • Introduction. Here you should give a brief summary of the book without going into detail.
  • Thesis. You move on to point out the main idea of the book as you perceive it.
  • Body paragraphs. You should deploy your thesis consistently by citing specific examples and illustrating them with proper quotes.
  • Conclusion. The final part must recapitulate all the previous information succinctly.

Writing a book report is actually a load of work. You might need some book report help. Just skimming through a book will get you nowhere because this way you won’t be able to point out all the necessary elements, and, which is worse, there is a danger of misunderstanding or confusing some moments of the book. We also definitely won’t recommend free or paid summaries, extensively available on the Net. Your teacher is not such a fool: he certainly knows all these sites already and is able to detect their information immediately. As you see, your options are pretty limited. But don’t get upset! Because we’re here to assist you with this tormenting task.

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