Argumentative Research Paper Topics


If you plan to write an argumentative research paper which will be interesting and will bring you success in your studying process, you have to think carefully about the topic. A well-chosen topic will simplify the process of writing for you and will help you to achieve the best results in completing your argumentative research paper. For your convenience we introduce the list of the best spheres and issues for your paper.

35 Best Argumentative Research Paper Topics

-  Marketing and Social Media

1)  Is TV obsolete today? What are the tendencies in human habits of watching TV today? Is it good or bad?

2)  What results the teenagers’ addiction to social networks will have?

3)  Can advertising be a real masterpiece? What makes it a work of art?

4)  What are the effects of alcohol advertising? Is it important to ban it?

5)  Do violent video games influence people’s behavior?

-  Sports

1)  Football is a dangerous game for its players. Is it humane to watch people hurt themselves and each other on the field?

2)  Should sports betting be allowed or prohibited everywhere?

3)  Some youth sports are considered too intense. Should parents allow their children to take up such activities?

4)  How to fight the sportsmen’ consumption of performance-enhancing drugs?

5)  Is it fair to prohibit women to play in professional leagues with men (concerning the leagues with no female equivalent)?

-  Environmental Issues

1)  How to make the recycling obligatory?

2)  Should countries make a shift to using the alternative energy sources? What should be done? How it will benefit the society?

3)  Should environmental studies be taught in every school?

4)  Give examples how to make a company’s activity more environmentally safe.

5)  How to improve environmental regulations?

-  Gender Issues

1)  How to get rid of salary disparities between men and women?

2)  Should homosexual couples be allowed to get married in every country?

3)  Should gay couples be legally allowed to adopt?

4)  Does gender play any role in the studying process of a student?

5)  Is equity between men and women at work is necessary?

-  Technology

1)  Is online studying is as effective and useful as face-to-face one?

2)  Can mobile phones be considered educational devices?

3)  Will robots replace people in their jobs? Are there any occupations which robots will fail to perform?

4)  Are computers better than teachers?

5)  Are mobile applications really helpful or just aimed at wasting one’s time?

-  Economics

1)  Is it possible to have only one currency for all countries? What effects will it have?

2)  Can the examples of other countries’ help to get over the crisis?

3)  Do high prices on education influence the intellectual level of the whole nation? How to solve the problem?

4)  In what way different countries should help African nations to survive the hunger and the lack of water?

5)  Is poverty acceptable in the developed countries? Is the total absence of poverty possible?

-  Personality and Morality

1)  Is it possible to motivate someone regardless of the the subject?

2)  How to become a better person? Is it possible to improve yourself without the help of professionals (psychologists, psychotherapists)?

3)  Do moral principles come from God only? Why there are kind and moral atheists then?

4)  Is living together without marriage is immoral? How can it benefit/harm the relationship?

5)  Are money and love incompatible notions?

Tips on What Topics not to Choose

We have already discussed why it is so important to choose the right topic for your argumentative research paper. Here are some tips on what should be avoided:

1.  Topics which in fact have evidence from only one side.

For example: Using tobacco is not really harmful (all scientists agreed upon its insalubrity).

2.  Topics which cannot be evidenced.

For example: Rock is the best type of music (the question of personal preferences).

3.  Topics which are already completely uncovered.

For example: The aspects of gun control (you may fail to represent any fresh ideas on the matter).

4.   Categorical thesis on controversial topics.

For example: God never existed (it is the question of one’s personal faith which shouldn’t be undermined in any way).

Have you already defined the thesis you like the most? Then go on with the writing!