Argument Essay Topics

Argument Essay Topics
Argument essays are intended to show the writer’s position on a certain subject. The subject, in turn, will be explored and the point of view will have to be proved to be right. We have collected many topics for your argument essay to get you started. They relate to many areas of our lives so you may find it easier to find the right one for you. 

List of Argument Essay Topics: 

• Should government ban reality TV shows? 
• Why should we stop watching television? 
• Should social media focus on bringing people the news? 
• How should my school stop unwanted behavior? 
• Should government do more to promote sport? 
• Do students have more than enough tests? 
• Should schools use stricter punishment? 
• How important it is to follow cafeteria rules? 
• Do grades really matter? 
• How many time spent with social media is too much? 
• Should we allow government to collect information in social networks? 
• When could we watch Internet television? 
• Should artists think more about their behavior? 
• How it is important to have a perfect body? 
• Do boys gossip more than girls? 
• How we should ban smoking? 
• Do we have to restrict rights on smartphones for minors? 
• Why math is not so much popular anymore? 
• We should spend more money on exploring Mars. 
• Equal rights for women and men are still a myth. 
• How can we promote scientific TV shows on television? 
• Is Cheerleading a Sport? 
• The government should ban sports betting. 
• Rich people should pay more than others. 
• Should we abolish guns? 
• Should we legalize marijuana? 
• The world should put more efforts into fighting global climate change. 
• Should people stop drinking during work days? 

We tried to gather here most interesting and useful topics as we thought. Though, you may find this list incomplete. It is absolutely ok. It is obvious that we couldn`t place all possible topics in this particular list. However you can find more topic and ideas at our website. Feel free to use listed topics or modify them according to your interests. We provided you only with the particular number of topics. The rest you can easily google or create by yourself.