Argument Essay Structure

Argument Essay Structure
The following information is intended to show you the classic outline for an argument essay. All arguments cannot be tailored to one structure but the example is great to use for college assignments. Review the example and don’t forget to discuss all possible changes with your tutor. 

I. Introductory Paragraph 

• The first paragraph of the essay is intended to set a foundation for your argument and your own position regarding the topic. 
• The last sentence of your introductory paragraph should contain the main idea of the paper (thesis statement). 

A. Thesis statement: 

o Defines position of the author 
o In most essays included as the last sentence of the introduction 
o Must be clear and easy to understand 

B. Example of thesis statement: 

Sport in all spheres of society should be promoted. 

II. Body of your Argument 

A. Background of the problem 
This paragraph contains information that is needed for the readers in order to understand the position of the author. 

B. Reasons or Evidence to Support your Claim 
• The author uses collected evidence to support own position. Two or three paragraphs are used for this section. Examples of possible evidence include scholarly articles, online publications, scientific data and statistics from government agencies. 

1. Claim: Promoting sport in the society contributes to the health of the nation and development of healthy eating habits and lowering rates of heart diseases. 
o Evidence: 
• 20% of students in the country are obese 
• Obesity causes 15% of deaths from heart disease each year. 
• Healthy eating and sport decrease chances of many diseases: statistics 
• Silly reasons for people to avoid sport. 

2. Claim: Promoting sport is supported by healthcare organizations, government and public. 
o Evidence: 
• 50% in favor of promoting sport 
• Government funds are available 
• Fitness clubs and other organizations are available 

3. Claim: The cost of human life and limited physical abilities of many citizens cannot be ignored. 
o Evidence: 
• 12% of youth have limited physical abilities 
• Treatment of obese caused diseases takes a lot of public cost. 

III. Addressing the Opposite Side 

A good argument essay should always describe the opposing side of the argument. 

A. 1st Opposing View: People are aware of importance of physical activities already. 

IV. Conclusion 

• The argument essay is explained as important. 
• Solutions for further action are included 
• Possible outcomes for not taking action are described.