Argument Essay Example

Argument Essay Example
Argument essay uses the same structure as all other types of college writings. Each of these elements are described the following example of the essay. It is also important to remember that the length of argument essay depends on the instructions given by professors so make sure you ask your tutor about it. 

Meanwhile, let’s review the example and describe what should be included in the main parts of the paper. 

The Introduction 

The first part of an argument essay is called an introduction and describes the background of the argument made by the author. This paragraph gives the readers the idea why the research is important and states the main idea. Remember to make your introduction understandable and clear in every aspect so the readers will be aware of the point you are trying to make and why. The following is an example of thesis statement: Exceeding speed limit in the city is not just a safety concern but violation of traffic rules. The main point made here is that going over the limit is illegal. The writer should include information about traffic accidents and victims as well as explain the importance of following the rules further in the paper to support his view. 

The Body 

This part is the largest one in the paper. It must contain information that delivers all information required by the assignment. In the body the writer describes both sides of the argument and uses several paragraphs to convey all details. It is recommended to pay more attention to the side you are on because your idea must have enough support to be successful. Experienced authors say it is better to describe the opposing side first and then move to the most important points of your own position. Description of both sides should take no more than three paragraphs. Begin stating your position right after you gave the opposing information. It is a good idea to describe one idea in one paragraph because too much information will be not good. Moreover, you can use examples to beat the opposing side. Examples are great way to do that because they show position in practical situations. 

The Conclusion 

Include your thesis statement once again. Explain that your position is the best option and support it with reliable evidence. Think of conclusion as the summary of the paper and write it accordingly. Spend no more than one paragraph on your conclusion and make sure you have covered all your bases. In the end, look for grammar and punctuation mistakes throughout the paper. Also avoid complex sentence structures that might be difficult to understand by your readers. Use both computer proofreading tools and your own expertise to exclude all these mistakes. In end, you should have a great argumentative essay that is both professional and interesting to read and debate on. The only thing to do now is defending your position if necessary to your professor.