Argument Essay As One Of The Paper Types


You can receive different writing assignments at your educational institution. Due to one of the classifications we can distinguish four main essay types:

  • expository
  • narrative
  • descriptive
  • argumentative

Expository paper is an essay type that gives an instruction of how to do something or bears a totally informative intention.

Narrative essay is a work that implies telling a story: it has a focus on its plot and such peculiarities like flashbacks and flash forwards, dialogs etc. Often narrative essay has a chronologically written story.

Descriptive paper deals with detailed characterization of the object, person, event or phenomenon. Its main intention is to let the reader feel himself/herself in the center of situation: touch, hear, see, taste, smell descripted object.

Argumentative or argument paper provides the audience with persuasive arguments, which are accompanied with strike examples in order to persuade them in your certain point of view. 

List Of Proposal Argument Essay Topics

Whatever type of paper you received as an assignment, first thing that you need to do is to choose an appropriate topic for writing. Don’t be afraid to be innovative: it is better to present a subject that was not discussed before, than to select a wiped out one. Also, do not choose the one that you see for the first time in your life – it is important to be well aware about your subject. In addition, you have to take into consideration the audience you are dealing with, what age category you will face: children, teenagers, the middle-aged etc., what are they interested in, the course that implies your essay writing and so on. Below you can see a few good argument essay topics that may inspire you for writing:

  1. 3D printers of human organs – evolution or a fairy tale?
  2. 10 reasons to buy a dog
  3. IT-professions: gates to immigration
  4. How to become confident in yourself
  5. Why to prefer organic food to usual products
  6. People who dealt with cancer: how to overcome the disease

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What To Do Next? Come To The Structuring Stage!

The essay structure is one of the main constituents of successful paper accomplishment. So we would like to recommend you a few tips that may contribute positively to your high academic results.

Your paper should start with an inspirational introduction that provides the reader with the information about the topic, issues that will be discussed, goals, intentions etc. Then you gradually come to the main body, which is the basis of your paper. As we already mentioned above, your major part should consist of convincing arguments that are supported with strong facts. There must be at least three paragraphs in your main body (three issues for discussion/three arguments). Your conclusion is a short summarizing of the major facts of essay and the highlighting of the main idea. One more advise for you is to start your structuring phase with the draft composition filling the constituents with the key information. It will greatly save your time and nerves. After your argument essay outline is finished, come to the fair copy writing, which means extension of the key information mentioned in the draft and to forming a complete writing. Don’t forget to check it for possible grammatical mistakes before submitting.

Ease Your Work By Forming Useful Habits

If you think that the talent of writing is the only existing way to create a masterpiece, you are definitely wrong. For you to know, many straight-A students can’t stand writing at all. And the thing that helps them to cope with the assignment is motivation: high academic results, laudatory references, scholarship etc. The list of useful habits can be found in the following few paragraphs. So what must your sheer habit include?

  1. Ability to abstract. Lots of people claim that it is rather hard for them to concentrate. Pure lie... Each and everyone of you has turned a deaf ear to requests of your mother to wash up; ignored your friend's pleas to have your toy as a gift; could miss the apocalypse while reading “Hunger Games', right? If not, you are definitely not from this planet. Thus, believe us, you will be able to restrict yourself from everything happening around.
  2. Attentive attitude. You should be serious when it comes to your writing work. Don’t be in a hurry as the haste makes waste. Check your paper for the possible morphological and syntactic mistakes. Also pay attention to the punctuation and stylistic.
  3. Search for an argument essay example: you can find the examples in the internet or ask someone more experienced than you about how to write it.
  4. Do not forget about the draft composition mentioned above.
  5. Do not neglect the help of your teachers who have professional knowledge at your subject: be sure, they will be glad to pile you with tons of books and advices.
  6. Make breaks. 10-minute breaks are essential as you should reload you mind from time to time in order to renew productive work.
  7. Avoid plagiarism. One of the most widely spread mistakes is downloading free or paid files from the online warehouses and copying of the text without any references. Do not resort to this unproductive type of work.

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