APA Reseacrh Paper Format


The Importance of Making the Proper Formatting

As the untooled diamond is not a precious stone, your research paper without formatting is not a finished document to be shown to anyone as well. After you have finished the writing and checking of your paper, you are to make it look like a real formal document. Most commonly, research papers are made in MLA, but what if you need to arrange it in another, let’s say, APA style? In this case do not worry - below you will find a detailed instruction on how to make a proper formatting in this style.

How to Format a Research Paper in APA Style?

1. The title page. APA style always requires a title page. The running header on the first page should look like: «Running head: Endangered Species». All the additional pages should contain only title «ENDANGERED SPECIES» as a running header. The page number should be on every page in the right top corner. The title of your paper should be situated in the center of the front page. It should be written in 12 point Times font and shouldn’t be bold, underlined or italicized. After the title of your paper you are to put your name and the name of your college (centered, double-spaced and each on the new line). Below these information you should write the name of the course, the name of your professor and the date (the requirements are the same).

2. Abstract. The second page always goes to the abstract of your research paper. Abstracts may not be used in writing different assignments, but in case of a research paper they are highly recommended. The word «Abstract» should be centered on the top of the second page. The indent shouldn't be used in the first line of an abstract - this section of a research paper should look like a text block.

3. The paper itself. At the beginning of the main body of your paper you should write the full name of your work (centered). It is necessary to remember that your paper should be double-spaced, written in Times font, have 1-inch margins from all the sides and contain indents to paragraphs (half-inch or 5-7 spaces).You may use additional headings in your research paper; in this case they should be written in bold, centered and with all major words capitalized. Concerning sub-headings the requirements are the same except for the fact that they should be left hand justified. If you need to provide additional information which shouldn’t be used in the paper itself, you may use footnotes. To add the footnote you are to put a superscripted number near the word and add the paper of footnotes in the end of your document.

4. References. First, make sure that you have centered the word «References» on the top of your references page. The distinguishing feature of APA style is that the sources here are listed alphabetically by the author. The first line of each reference shouldn’t contain any indents, all the following ones should begin half-inch from the right margin.

5. Footnotes. Place the title of your page in the center («Footnotes»). It is important to state that each footnote should be no longer than one paragraph.

6. Appendix. If you need to include any tables, graphs or pictures you may include them in this section. The word «Appendix» should be centered on the top of the page. If you have several appendices, each one should appear on a new page and be named «Appendix A», «Appendix B» and so on.

In the End

We hope this article was helpful for you! In case if you still have problems with proper formatting you can always turn to the help of professionals.