Admission Essay Tips: Part of Successful College Enrollment


During the admission process students often face the challenge to write an admission essay. For those who are not experienced in writing it is rather a difficult and challenging task. Thus, if you want to get into a college, in addition to passing the exams, you also need to be successful with writing an essay and confident during the interview. Your admission essay is a proof of your suitability for specific academic institution. It shows your credibility to contribute to the prestige of a college, your ability to meet its requirements, and the reason why you have selected this school. Therefore, the admission essay writing process can be divided into four stages, which is mandatory for all admission essay writers:

  • thinking
  • searching
  • drafting
  • writing final version

How to Write Admission Essay: Phases of Writing

The first phase is thinking on what you want to tell in your paper. Things you want to mention in your work are solely up to you, but at the same time it is common to mention the following issues:

Self-presentation. In the first paragraph you should represent yourself and give several reasons why you have decided to attend this college and why it is essential for you to take this course.

Accomplishments. In this section you need to show to reader why you deserve to be a part of this specific academic institution, to tell him about your professional accomplishments and inner talents. Try not to idealize yourself and don’t feed the committee with the fairy tales about unreal feats and achievements. The law of thumb works equally everywhere. Thus, if you try to be sincere and honest, you will have great chances to make a good impression on the admission committee. If you want to highlight your prior accomplishment, it’s important to note that you need to avoid including untruthful information and unnecessary ostentation in the essay. At the same time, do not be plain – your task is to show your advantages over other candidates. Thus, be confident, accurate and ambitious. Show your positive attitude to life, desire to develop and improving your skills and personality. Among your achievements you should mention your prizes, diplomas, awards, participation in the competitions that are related to the course you are applying for.

Extra activities. You must present yourself as a creative person that has flairs for different activities and ready to grow. In this section you may mention all your merits and hobbies, for example, art (music, painting, writing), sports (swimming, football, dancing), charity work, job assistance, traveling, volunteering etc. Tell about your inspirations, what you like about yourself and what you would like to improve etc.

Your intentions. It is important to tell what you expect from life, what you need to do to achieve your goals, what these goals are in fact and how do you see yourself the future. Emphasize that you really can contribute to the university with your intellectual potential and desire to work. Be sure that the committee will rather prefer ambitiousness and positive attitude than life indifference.

Outline Composition and the Fair Copy Writing

Strong conclusion. The conclusion of your paper has to convince the admission committee that you are a suitable candidate and ready to enroll into a serious learning institution. You need to express your gratitude in case they decide to get you on board.

Be aware that almost everything stated in you draft version will then appear on your final version. So take it seriously. You should write the draft version of your essay as follows:

Introduction (self-presentation)

Main Section

Paragraph 1 (accomplishments)

Paragraph 2 (activities)

Paragraph 3 (intentions)

Conclusion (emphasis)

Once you are done with your draft version of the essay, you are ready to move to the final version. Make sure that your language is in strict compliance with morphological, syntactical and punctuation rules. Double check your essay before submitting it to the admission committee. Moreover, we strongly recommend you to show it to someone who has previous successful experience of getting into the same college you are applying to.

How to Avoid Plagiarism

One of the most wide-spread mistakes made by the applicants is submitting essay that contains the elements previously used in other works. Avoid it by all means possible, as it may ruin your entire work and efforts. Plus the fact that you used other materials for writing your own essay will be obvious for experienced admission committee members. Furthermore, you will fail to present you true intentions and aspirations. Therefore, we suggest doing a thorough research before actually starting to write your essay, but at the same time we warn you not to use the materials that are not yours. Put your own thoughts on paper – that is the only way to victory.

Time Organization and Yoga Relaxation

If you are an emotional person, you will need to put yourself together by counting till one hundred. We understand the reason of your worries. Our advice would be to apply relaxation techniques for stress relief. Among them there is a method to enjoy something that you like before writing. It could be anything from enjoying an ice-cream to visiting your yoga master. You will definitely need something if you are under stress. The next step would be organizing your time. You need to measure how much time will be devoted to a certain task while writing your essay. Though time management is a difficult task, if you can handle the time issue, you can achieve a lot.

Just stick to our admission essay tips and the success will be yours!