Abortion Essay


If you are to write an essay on abortion, narrow this topic according to your interests.

1. Narrowing the Topic according to Your Own Interests

To understand what your abortion essay will be about, we recommend you to look through these four groups of questions:

1. Should abortion be legal? Should it be a compulsory abortion for a woman, if her pregnancy is dangerous for her life? Should an illegal abortion be qualified as a criminal offence?

2. What are the reasons of abortion? What are the consequences of abortion for a woman? What are the consequences of high abortion level for the state?

What would be the consequences, if abortions were illegal?

3. Have you ever read a book (a novel, a play, a poem, etc.) concerned with abortion? Can you make a literary analysis of it?

4. Can you tell a story about abortion with a didactic (or happy) end?

(NB! If you know a real story concerned with abortion from the experience of your relatives, friends or old acquaintances, don’t forget to change all the names, dates and other important facts for ethical reasons).

Which of the questions you are ready to answer on? Use one of the groups of questions for writing your essay about abortion!

2. Defining an Essay Type You Will Write

1. If the first group of questions is the most attractive to you, write an argumentative essay on abortion.

2. In the case if you have chosen the second group of questions, try to write a cause and effect essay about abortion.

3. If you have ever read a literary work on abortion topic, you may write a literary analysis essay about abortion.  

4. In the case if you can tell a story about abortion, try to write a narrative essay on this topic.

3. Some Useful Tips on How to Write an Essay on Abortion

1. If you write an argumentative essay on abortion, it is important to explain the both points of view.

Suppose you write an argumentative essay under the title “Should It Be a Compulsory Abortion for a Woman, if the Pregnancy is Dangerous for Her Life or Health?'.

You may write something like this: “On the one hand, the doctors have to save a woman’s life. On the other hand, a woman should have a right to give a birth for her child'.

Try to make arguments of your own point o view more convincing.

2. If you write a cause and effect essay about abortion, you may explain only the causes or only the effects of abortion. However, you can also demonstrate both the causes and effects of abortion.

Suppose you write a cause and effect essay under the title “What Would Be the Consequences, if Abortions Were Forbidden?'.

If you are against of abortion prohibition, you may list some negative consequences:

1) more illegal abortions;

2) more children in children’s homes;

3) a higher level of infant mortality (including natural death of weak babies and murdering unwanted children);  

4) a higher level of woman mortality (including natural death of women (if the pregnancy is a risk for their life) and committing a suicide), etc.

3. If you write a literary analysis essay on abortion, don’t retell a plot. Try to explain the reasons of abortion, the results of it according to the plot, etc.

4. If you write a narrative essay about abortion, try to make the end of your story unexpected. You may add some details to a real story. E.g. narrate how a baby survived after abortion and became a good man. Anyway, don’t forget to change the names and other facts!