A+ Research Paper Guidelines

Research Paper Guidelines
The process of writing a good research paper is definitely a puzzle for many students, especially for those who have limited experience in referencing works of other authors. This article provides several helpful ideas that will guide you through the process of preparing an impressive research paper that deserves no less than an A!  

Step 1. Think of the people in the audience. 

To begin writing your research paper, you need to spend some time to focus your efforts. First of all, make sure you understand what is expected from you: maybe you need to argue with your audience? Persuade? Inform? 
- Define your audience and examine how these people can affect your work. 
- Take time to think about the knowledge that the audience might have regarding your paper. 
- Define the tone that is set by paper requirements. 
For example, do you need to report in the first person? 

Step 2. Make an outline 

The easiest way to see a good example of an outline is to look through A papers. Their organization might be of help for you. The following is the common example of research paper outline: 

1. Introduction 

1.1 Statement of the Problem 
1.2 Thesis Statement 

2. Body: Paragraphs: first and second 

2.1 History of the Problem (Include, perhaps, past attempts at solutions. Work in sources.) 
2a. Body: Paragraphs: third and fourth 
2.2 Extent of the Problem (Who is affected? What was the affect? Work in sources.) 
2b. Body: Paragraphs fifth and sixth 
2.3 Repercussions of the Problem (Work in sources.) 
2c. Body: Paragraphs seventh and eighth 
2.4 Future solutions (not necessarily your own. More sources.) 

3. Conclusion

3. 1 Summarize your results 

Step 3. Write a draft 

Make the first draft based on the outline you have. Just add information to the points and see if it fits into overall description of the topic. Keep considering addition of data until your draft is full of ideas. Then, make a second draft where you select the best information. In the end, you will have a decent paper. 

Step 4. Get feedback 

At first, you should read your paper out loud to yourself. Search if there is something that might be changed. Then turn to others and ask if they can something inconclusive or illogical. There might be a writing lab in your school, go there and let somebody read your paper and provide feedback. And one more thing: make sure that students reading and reviewing your paper are A students. 

Step 5. Revise and proofread 

Revise your paper as many times as you can. There can be grammar or punctuation mistakes which were not identified by your computer. Fresh look is always good so revise and proofread your paper several times a day. 

Research Paper Help 

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