Writing Introduction for a Dissertation

Introduction for a Dissertation
Any dissertation should be divided into the parts suitable for the topic and research methodology. In addition, there are several types of dissertations that require writing specific outlines. Read more »

APA Formatting Guidelines for Dissertation

Formatting Guidelines for Dissertation
Dissertations are required to follow specific guidelines provided by American Psychological Organization. This article identifies these requirements and gives information on what is needed in order to Read more »

Dissertation Consulting Service

Dissertation Consulting Service
Dissertation Consulting Service Dissertation consulting services are supposed to help writers to accomplish the following:Creating appropriate experiments;Analysis of possible instruments and Read more »

History Dissertation Topics

History Dissertation Topics
The post provides ideas for topics on history. Read through and make them inspire you to come up with the one for you.A list of TopicsWas German revolution started by government or people?Examination Read more »
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How to Summarize a Research Paper

 Summarize a Research Paper
If you were assigned to summarize a research paper, you need to know techniques on how to provide a good summary. First of all, you need to remember that a research paper is constructed by several Read more »
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