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How to Write an Annotation

How to Write an Annotation
How to Write an Annotation An annotation is supposed to persuade the reader to read the work. It is an enhanced summary of a publication, article or a book.The author of an annotation should be able Read more »
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Definition Essay Tips

Definition Essay Tips
To write a successful definition essay means thoroughly describe a term or a concept. We all know what a car and a tree means but there are some terms that are defined individually such as love, Read more »
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What Is Your Best Study Time?

What Is Your Best Study Time
Every person has own time when studying feels like doing something very easy. It is called best study time. Don’t be surprised if you find that your best time to study is at night or just Read more »
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What is a Dissertation?

What is a Dissertation
Final year project is called a dissertation. It might be the most important work for you to write at the university. It is different from the other papers you wrote before as your skills as a Read more »

Tips for Summer Internship

Summer Internship
Working and trying your skills during summer is great. Finally you can put your knowledge to the test and earn valuable experience for your future. Whether your internship is paid or unpaid, the most Read more »
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