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Annotative Bibliography as Kind of Work

Annotative Bibliography
Hearing the phrase "annotated bibliography," we let out a sigh of relief as we imagine just a list of the informational sources that are used during the paper accomplishment. Unfortunately, this kind Read more »
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Qualitative Dissertation Outline

Qualitative Dissertation Outline
The following post presents an outline for qualitative dissertations. It reviews all necessary elements and provides definitions for each part.Chapter 1: Introduction.The initial part of qualitative Read more »

How to Create Your Dissertation Outline

 Dissertation Outline
There are two main aspects when it comes to writing a dissertation outline: a list of what is supposed to be said and a to-do list. The second aspect is considered to be the easiest because it is Read more »

Functions of the Doctoral Dissertation Advisor

Doctoral Dissertation
Post describes the main functions of a doctoral dissertation advisor. It is important for students to know about these responsibilities to have better cooperation during dissertation writing Read more »

How to Do a PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation
You just got to a presentation and have a great sit to observe the work of a presenter. But there is still one thing that can affect enjoyment and learning something new. It is the presentation Read more »
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