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How to Write a Classification Essay

Classification Essay
Classification essay is intended to group ideas, people or subjects into classes with similar characteristics. The article describes the process of writing such essays and gives helpful Read more »
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How to Start a Research Paper Basic Formatting Rules

Research Paper Basic Formatting Rules
Research papers require lot of attention when it comes to their formatting. The first elements that the students need to consider format of their papers are title pages and introduction pages. These Read more »

Writing a Discussion for Dissertation

Writing a Discussion for Dissertation
Discussion section of any dissertation is one of the most important parts. It provides readers with crucial information about the dissertation problem and • Provides explanation and Read more »

Worst College Application Essays

Worst College Application Essays
You have been anticipating going to college and starting the best years of your life for long time. Well, now when you reached this point, the only thing that stands between you and college is this Read more »
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Why Essay Writing Is Difficult?

Why Essay Writing Is Difficult
Many students struggle with writing college essays. For example, some of them find it difficult to write about themselves and their personal experiences and others struggle with following outlines and Read more »
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