7 Things to Know About Dissertations


1. Pick the best dissertation supervisor. 

You need to have the most qualified and helpful dissertation supervisor you can get. If you feel that yours is not right for you, try to change. Sometimes students think that advices they receive from their coordinators are not right for the work. Those who have changed supervisors always benefited. As reality shows, it is not that important whether coordinators are the best experts in the topic area. What really matters is their reliability, ability to help and give an advice. If your coordinator is not reachable for a couple of day, it is really not that important if they have the best knowledge of the topic. 

2. Prepare to hear confusion. 

So you told your friends and relatives about your dissertation. Often they expect more impressive answers from you. Sometimes your topic seems irrelevant for many. For example, you father would love it if you could research something in resource management. But instead, you selected a topic about education. Prepare yourself for disappointment. Remember, what matters is your desire to study the topic, not your relatives’.  

3. Do not ask your friends about how much they have done. 

Sometimes you want to ask your peers about their progress on their dissertations. If you hear that somebody already finished it, you might get paranoid. This condition won’t do any good for your own work. In trying to be the first, you might write not as good as you can. So take your time. You have an assigned deadline to follow which is yours. Do not look to oth rs. 

4. Prepare to change your schedule. 

Your dissertation is most likely to interfere with your everyday activities. Expect this. Of course, some time will be taken from your social life. Do not be discouraged, this work is completely worth it and it is going to take as much as it supposed to. 

5. Be selective. 

The first time you go to the library or on the Internet to get information for your dissertation might be overwhelming. As strange as it may sound, most of information you will discover this time will be irrelevant. It may look good at first, but in the end it might be inappropriate. Well, there is lots of other information so just dedicate enough time to find it. There is nothing to worry about. 

6. Prepare your budget. 

Do not doubt that you will print as you never did before in your life. No matter if you use your own printer or the one at the university, you will spend much more money than before. So prepare a little budget for printing your dissertation drafts. Again, it is completely worth it. 

7. Think about results. 

Keep in mind that dissertation might be the best thing you ever done in your student life. Prepare to be proud of your work and show to others what a good academic writer and researcher you are.