500 Word Essay as an Elementary Paper

an Elementary Paper
The word "essay" covers more than just a freestyle composition. Here we talk about the diversity of paper types starting with a 1-page custom theme and ending with a research paper. Everything around has its elementary units. In the same way, the essay has its simplest sample of paper – 500-word essay. 

The 500-word document is also called a five-paragraph essay that means that the work has a conventional structure represented by three major parts: introduction, main body, and conclusion. Like a piece of music that has its prelude or like a play that begins with a prolog, the custom essay has its introductory part that familiarizes the audience with your topic and lists the issues you are going to discuss in further. The main body is a meat of your paper that describes the named issues and illustrates them with vivid examples. Speaking about the 5-paragraph paper, the main body of it consists of three paragraphs that together with the introduction and conclusion form 5 sections of the text. The conclusion is an ending of your "story" that aims to highlight essential issues of the paper and put the emphasis on your point of view. 

Free Of Charge But Unreliable 

If you have no time or desire for writing, you will certainly resort to the online warehouses that propose you both free essays and charged ones. Even paying for an article, your receive a work that has been used many times before you clicked on the "Download" button. In this way, the effect of such information is the same as the one taken from the Wikipedia. You might have experienced the situations when you were going to come out in front of the class to start your essay presentation when your classmate passes ahead of you and reads an entirely identical work. Sadness, disappointment, desire to smash your classmate and his work to pieces and bits and other positive feelings begin to wrap round your brain. Today you are likely to fail if you are required to pass your paper. Hope you got the idea: free essays online rarely contribute to your academic results and self-development. In this way, instead of downloading of resold papers, devote your time to searching and studying of the information and make up an authentic text. 

Types of The Essay According to the Purpose 

Whether you are to carry out research or just to inform the audience about some event, you should realize that each writing assignment implies a definite purpose. Due to this criteria we can distinguish eight main essay types: 

  • descriptive 
  • narrative 
  • process 
  • definition 
  • argumentative 
  • critical 
  • cause and effect 
  • compare and contrast 
Descriptive writing is about deep characterization that includes appearance, inner feelings, environment, taste, fragrance and so on. It is peculiar for the description to use particular stylistic devices such as metaphors, similes, epithets and many others. The narrative essay can be very similar in its style to the previous paper type, but the purpose of this essay is not a description but telling a story. Process essay gives a step-by-step instruction that explains how to carry out something. Definition essay deals with the terms and their meaning that usually bear purely informative intention. Often the works that are called critical are associated with the negative attitude of the person while it is related to the capability for critical thinking. The primary task of such papers is not to express your feeling concerning the issue but to show your understanding and attitude, feeding it with substantial evidence. Argumentative papers present persuasive arguments to the audience that prove the tour correct opinion. Each argument is to be supported by the vivid example. Cause and effect papers tell about reasons for a problem and its influence on the particular life fields while compare and contrast essays show similarities and distinctions between the objects/ people/ events. 

How To Start An Essay: Surely With A Topic Selection 

Your topic is an initial stage of writing. Why? It is not difficult to guess that your knowledge of the subject will only contribute to your academic results. Thus, if your instructor gave you a freedom of choice, you should take advantage of the opportunity. Do not try to choose a topic that seems to sound innovative but is entirely unfamiliar to you. Of course, you should pay attention to the urgency of the subject, but your knowledge is paramount. Do not shy to speak with your teacher to discuss the issues concerning the topicality. 

Tips How To Succeed In The Essay Writing 

In this paragraph, we would like to share a few prompts that can prove useful to you during the writing process. 

  • First, what you should do is to get together and concentrate on your assignment. Extra thoughts about the recently watched film or a handsome from the parallel class will not contribute to your task accomplishment. 
  • Select an appropriate topic (we have already discussed this issue in the previous paragraph) 
  • Make up a plan of work and organize your time according to each phase. 
  • Find capturing information. Nowadays everyone has an opportunity to visit a library or use internet search, so it will not become a problem for you to collect appropriate data. 
  • Transform the information. 
  • Do not resort to the plagiarism and rewrite the information you gathered. 
  • Do not forget about the outline composition. The draft represents structural parts of the paper, including introduction, main body and conclusion filling them with the critical information in the form of words, phrases, and key sentences. 
  • Start your writing. The fair copy must be a logical development of your outline. After you complete writing, check the paper for grammatical and stylistic mistakes. 
  • Communicate. Meet and contact people who are keen on your subject: teachers, lecturers, professors, online consultants and the others. 
  • Stay fresh! Bring innovation if you have such an opportunity. Do not rest upon someone's thoughts and approaches. Create your own and you will surely succeed!