50 Research Paper Topics

50 Research Paper Topics

Every student wants to get a good grade for a research paper. There is hardly a student on this planet who intentionally submits a poorly-written paper. Yet, one of the first barriers that every student has to face at least once in college is the choice of a good research paper. 

How to choose a good research paper topic? How to make sure it is interesting enough and researchable at the same time? We prepared the following list of good topics for research papers. 

Topics for Research Papers 

  1. How do GPS systems work? 
  2. Water pollution 
  3. How did gunpowder change warfare? 
  4. Nuclear power plants 
  5. Emigration and immigration 
  6. Federal law enforcement 
  7. How do submarines work? 
  8. How does night vision work? 
  9. Violence in Television (Violence in Media) 
  10. Genetically modified foods 
  11. Chief executive of the United States 
  12. Police misconduct 
  13. Executive branch of the government 
  14. Same-sex marriage 
  15. Biological warfare 
  16. Chemical weapons 
  17. Weapons of mass destruction 
  18. Language disorders 
  19. Transgenic organisms 
  20. Human Cloning 
  21. Victims of family violence 
  22. Second language acquisition 
  23. Chapter 11 bankruptcy 
  24. Animal biotechnology 
  25. Internationalization 
  26. Global temperature change(s) 
  27. Renewable energy resources 
  28. Genetic diseases 
  29. Greek gods 
  30. Cognition disorders 
  31. Discrimination and human rights 
  32. Anti-globalization movement 
  33. Anti-Semitism 
  34. Services for homeless 
  35. Underage marriage 
  36. Mental health 
  37. Physician and patient 
  38. International marriages 
  39. Hallucinogenic drugs 
  40. Functional illiteracy 
  41. Attention deficit disorder 
  42. Managed health care 
  43. Environmental tobacco smoke 
  44. Egyptian mythology 
  45. Trade regulation 
  46. Nonproliferation treaty 
  47. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome 
  48. Affirmative action programs 
  49. Bipolar disorder 
  50. Antidepressants 

Did Not Find The Topic You Needed? 

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